What is the difference between 3157 and 7443 bulb?

What is the difference between 3157 and 7443 bulb?

The 3157 extra contacts don’t connect to anything in the 3156 socket and the bulb will light high beam only in the 3156 socket. The 7443 is a dual contact (d.c.) bulb (Shown left). The dual contacts are connected to 2 separate circuits inside the bulb.

How bright is a 3157 bulb?

These LUYED 1700 Lumens LEDs are some of the brightest 3157 bulbs that I found….

Light Source Type LED
Fit Type Vehicle Specific Fit
Color Temperature 6500 Kelvin

Are 3157 bulbs dual filament?

The 3057 bulbs and 3157 bulbs have the same dual filament and C-6 class . Moreover, both bulbs have 32 candlepower bright filaments.

How many lumens is a 3157 bulb?

Sylvania Automotive 38141 SYLVANIA 3157 Long Life Miniature Bulb, (Contains 10 Bulbs)

MFG Code 38141 Part Number BC9796
26.88 watts 12 volts
402 Lumens 2000 hrs.
2800 K 1″ Bulb Diameter
1.1″ Light Center Len 2.2″ Max Overall Len

Can I use 3157 instead 7443?

Together, these advanced design features work to enhance the overall effectiveness of your vehicle’s LED output and long-lasting performance. This model is easily installed and features 1200 lumens per bulb. The 3157 Switchback LED Bulb also has increased cross-compatibility over the 7443 model for added convenience.

Are 3157 and 4157 bulbs interchangeable?

The 3157 bulb says it “also fits” the 4157 application. Here’s the deal, it does, but not exactly. I put the 3157 bulbs in and with the left blinker activated, the right blinker blinks, and vice*versa.

What is a 3157 bulb used for?

What are the 3157 bulbs used for? The 3157 bulbs can be used as front and rear turn signal lights, reversing lights, brake, and tail lights. It’s also recommended for daytime running lights over 3057 bulbs because it has a slightly brighter beam of light.

What is the difference between a 3157 and a 3457 bulb?

It showed that the 3457 is in fact a brighter bulb. It is rated at the same wattage as the 3157, but the brighter filament is rated at 40 candlepower vs. 32 for the 3157.

What are 3157 bulbs used for?

What is the difference between 3157 and 3757 bulbs?

The voltages, and powers are the same (and so therefore the current), as well as the light output between the 3157 and 3757 based on Sylvania’s specifications… The only difference is the base.

Are 7443 and 7444 bulbs interchangeable?

All four bulbs are dual filament which means they are two light bulbs in one. 7443/NA is rated at 12 volts 21/5 watts and 7444/NA is rated at 13.5 volts 28/8 watts which means 7444/NA is supposed to be a little brighter.

What is the difference between 3157 and 3157ck?

You may have noticed that your 3157 or 7443 replaced the bulb with a CK, SCK, SACK, SRCK. This means your vehicle uses a non-standard 3157 or 7443 bulb. Although they look the same in appearance, the difference is in the way the sockets are connected.

What is the difference between 3157 and 3057 bulbs?

You can use 3057 or 3157 for the back-up light bulb, brake light bulb, parking light bulb, tail light bulb, and turn signal light bulb. However, for day time running bulb, 3157 is preferred. Caution: It is always safe to follow your vehicle manual.

Can a 3157 bulb be used as a parking light?

You can use 3157 bulbs as the back-up light bulb, brake light bulb, parking light bulb, tail light bulb, turn signal light bulb, and daylight running bulb, etc. What is the life of 3057 and 3157 bulbs?

What is the average life of a 3057 and 3157?

Based on the specification of 3057 and 3157, their life ranges from 1200-5000 hours, and the wide range indicates that a lot depends on how you use and the condition of your vehicle. What do the number 3057 and 3157 indicate?