What is the diameter of a category 1 hitch?

What is the diameter of a category 1 hitch?

3/4 inch
Category 1 The top link pin measures 3/4 inch in diameter, while the two lift arm pins are slightly thicker at 7/8 inch. The spacing between the lift arms is approximately 26 inches. You may also find references to “limited” Category 1 hitches.

How wide is a Category 1 quick hitch?

The overall dimensions measure 30-1/4 inch width x 23 inch height x 8-1/4 inches front to back. The lift arm spacing measures 27-1/4 inches with a ball bracket lift of 26 inches.

What size is a category 1 hitch pin?

What are the 3-point hitch categories?

Category Tractor Power Top link pin diameter
1 20-45 HP 3⁄4 in (19 mm)
2 40-100 HP 1 in (25 mm)
3 80-225 HP 1 1⁄4 in (32 mm)
4 More than 180 HP 1 3⁄4 in (44 mm)

What is the difference between a Category 1 and Category 2 quick hitch?

Category 0 Hitch For tractors with up to 20 horsepower. Category 1 Hitch For tractors with 20 to 50 horsepower. Category 2 Hitch For tractors with 50 to 90 horsepower. Long days can seem even longer when you aren’t comfortable.

What is difference in Cat 1 and Cat 2?

Category 1 is standard on tractors of 20-to-45 horsepower. Category 2 is used on tractors up to about 90 horsepower, and category 3 is generally used on tractors over 90 horsepower. Tractors with a horsepower on the border between categories can have either hitch depending on the manufacturer’s design.

What is a Class 1 tractor?

It’s typically reserved for the smallest garden tractors that typically can have add-on three-point hitches put on to them, not stuff that typically comes as standard equipment. Category 1 is very, very common and typically you’re gonna see Category 1 on tractors under about 50 horsepower.

How wide is a cat 2 hitch?

Category 2 Category 4N
Lower link hole diameter 28.70 mm (1.13 in.) 51.05 mm (2.01 in.)
Lower hitch point Span (1) 825 mm (32.48 in.) 920 mm (36.22 in.)
Width of ball (2) 44.96 mm (1.77 in.) 57.4 mm (2.26 in.)
Pin centerline – Lower to upper (3) 610.11 mm (24.02 in.) 685.04 mm (26.97 in.)

What diameter are cat 1 pins?

1-1/8 In.
Pin Diameter: 1-1/8 In. Overall Length: 5-1/4 In. Pin Diameter: 7/8 In.

What is a cat 1 or cat 2 tractor?

Will Category 1 implements fit a category 2 tractor?

If you wanted to stay with your current cat 1 implements, probably should have bought a cat 1 tractor. As 56FordGuy said, you have to be careful using cat 1 implements behind a cat 2 tractor. They typically just are not built to take the stresses that a cat 2 tractor can put on them.