What is the compound for PbCrO4?

What is the compound for PbCrO4?

PbCrO4Lead(II) chromate / Formula

What is pb2cro4?

Lead chromate oxide (Pb2(CrO4)O)

Is potassium chromate soluble in water?

Potassium chromate is a yellow crystalline solid. It is soluble in water. The primary hazard is the threat to the environment. Immediate steps should be taken to limit its spread to the environment.

Is silver chromate soluble in water?

Silver chromate

Solubility in water 0.017 g/L (5 °C) 0.033 g/L (25 °C) 0.040 g/L (35 °C) 0.050 g/L (45 °C) 0.069 g/L (60 °C) 0.096 g/L (80 °C)
Solubility product (Ksp) 1.12×10−12
Solubility soluble in nitric acid, ammonia, alkali cyanides and chromates
UV-vis (λmax) 450 nm (22200 cm−1)

What is the formula for the compound potassium nitrate?

KNO3Potassium nitrate / Formula

What is the formula for strontium phosphate?

Strontium phosphate

PubChem CID 159737
Structure Find Similar Structures
Molecular Formula Sr3(PO4)2 or O8P2Sr3
Synonyms Strontium phosphate 7446-28-8 Strontium orthophosphate tristrontium;diphosphate 14414-90-5 More…
Molecular Weight 452.8

What is the molar mass of PbCrO4?

323.1937 g/molLead(II) chromate / Molar mass

Is PbCrO4 a precipitate?

Lead(II) chromate (PbCrO4) precipitate (bright yellow) formed by adding 0.25 M solution of potassium chromate (K2CrO4) to 0.20 M solution of lead nitrate (Pb(NO3)2).

What is the formula for potassium chromate?

K₂CrO₄Potassium chromate / Formula

What is the formula for silver chromate?

Ag2CrO4Silver chromate / Formula

What is the color of pbcro4 precipitate?

Yellow or orange-yellow crystals or powder.

Is PbCrO4 soluble in water?

Lead(II) chromate (PbCrO4) is a chemical compound, a chromate of lead. It has a vivid yellow color and is insoluble in water, and as a result, is used in paints under the name chrome yellow. Subsequently, one may also ask, is PbCrO4 a precipitate?

How do you calculate soil water balance?

Soil Water Balance – common calculation scheme ij – soil moisture content at depth z i and at time level t j P E T Runoff DP (deep percolation) ij infiltration IR The greatest components of SWB in the Mediterranean Simplified Soil Water Balance for a rainfall event E T P Runoff DP (deep percolation) SMC W SP = W FC – W SA

What are the components of soil water balance?

SOIL WATER BALANCE CR DP RO ET P IR Subsurface Flow IN Subsurface Flow OUT Wilting point threshold Field capacity Saturation Capillary Rise Deep Percolation Runoff Irrigation Evapotranspiration Rain n RAW TAW Soil Water Balance Components

What is the formula for deep percolation?

Deep percolation is DP = W inf –W ST = 35 –20 = 15 mm W FC P Runoff DP Infiltration W SA W SP Soil classification –from granulometric soil characteristics & soil triangle