What is the 20th century musical play West Side Story written by Leonard Bernstein?

What is the 20th century musical play West Side Story written by Leonard Bernstein?

West Side Story is an American musical and was completed in 1957. The music is by Leonard Bernstein and the words are by Stephen Sondheim. It is a jazzy musical based on Shakespeare’s story of Romeo and Juliet.

What famous tragic tale is West Side Story based on?

Romeo and Juliet
Story Sources. It is widely known that West Side Story (WSS) is based directly on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet (R&J). Far less well known is the fact that Shakespeare based his play (1594) on other material, particularly a narrative poem by Arthur Brooke entitled The Tragicall Historye of Romeus and Juliet (1562).

Why was West Side Story so groundbreaking?

Arguably, its greatest influence was in the theatricality of its presentation—the seamlessness and cinematic flow of its staging—and the integration of script, song, dance, and set. In its original Broadway run, West Side Story ran for 732 performances—a success, but not a smash hit.

Is West Side Story Based on a true story?

That said, West Side Story isn’t based on a true story. Even though West Side Story has been associated with a modern and American telling of Romeo and Juliet for decades, Tony Kushner, who worked on the screenplay of the 2021 flick, thinks differently.

Who was the lyricist of West Side Story?

Stephen SondheimWest Side Story / Lyricist

How old are the characters in West Side Story 2021?

What is the age difference between Rachel Zegler and Ansel Elgort? It’s a beloved story about romance and resilience. According to Broadway World, there’s a substantial age gap between Tony and María, with Tony being an estimated 30 years old and María just 21.

Why was West Side Story written?

The original idea for “West Side Story” dates back to 1949 when Jerome Robbins conceived of a musical update of “Romeo & Juliet.” Originally set on the New York’s East Side, and conceived as a societal war between Jews and Gentiles, “West Side Story” eventually morphed into a tale of two street gangs, the mostly Puerto …

Was West Side Story black and white?

“West Side Story” became one of the biggest Broadway musicals of all time. And by 1961, the film, co-directed by Robbins and Robert Wise, cemented the show’s status as a classic of the musical form — even as it cast ethnically white actors to play Latino characters, darkening their skin for the screen.

What was controversial about West Side Story?

Controversy surrounding lead actor Ansel Elgort In a since-deleted social media post, a woman claimed that Ansel Elgort — who plays Tony in West Side Story — assaulted her when she was 17. She wrote that Elgort was in his 20s.

What are the key themes explored in West Side Story?

West Side Story is truly everywhere — and with its themes of love striving to rise above hatred; the fear of immigrants; and the toxicity of racism, West Side Story speaks to us today as urgently as ever.

What neighborhood was West Side Story set?

San Juan Hill
West Side Story was originally set in the neighborhood of Lincoln Square, or San Juan Hill, on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Until the 1950s, the neighborhood was predominantly African-American and Afro-Caribbean. Though it suffered from poverty and crime, it was also a cultural hotspot, especially for music.

Are the Jets Italian?

Meanwhile, the Jets, originally a white gang made up of the sons and grandsons of Irish, Italian, and Polish immigrants—“an anthology of what is called ‘American,’ ” Laurents wrote in the script—are a diverse bunch; in fact, the white actor Ben Cook, who was first cast as Riff, was replaced by the talented Jones, who …