What is taski R5 used for?

What is taski R5 used for?

TASKI R5 is a cost-effective, water-based air freshener that makes your house and office aromatic after the use. It features a delightful floral perfume which rids off bad odor and refreshes the place with sweet-smelling air. It makes your house welcoming and pleasant for all your guests.

How do I use taski R5 plus?

Application :- Small rooms : Spray once or twice upwards into the centre of the room. – Large rooms : Spray proportionately more upwards into the centre of the room. Important :Do not spray over or onto furnishings or plastic surfaces. Do not use with otherdilution systems or methods.

How do you use R5 chemicals?

Usage of this Cleaning Agent:

  1. Prevent scale dirt on wall fittings.
  2. Spray directly on the surface to be cleaned.
  3. Leave for 20 sec.
  4. Scrub and drain plain water.
  5. Wipe surface and polish all metal surfaces with a clean cloth.
  6. Replace cloth regularly.

What is dilution of taski R5 in ML?

Instruction to Use:Recommended dilution: for normal soiling: 50 -100 ml. In 1 litre of water. Spray Taski r9 onto clean cloth / sponge. Apply Taski r9 to all surfaces to be cleaned (sink, tub, tile).

What is the pH value of R6 chemical?

Appearance: Clear, blue liquid pH value (neat): < 2 pH value (in use): Relative density (20°C): ≈ 1.04 The above data is typical of normal production and should not be taken as a specification.

What is the Colour of taski R6?

Dark Blue
Dark Blue Thick Liquid Taski R6: Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Packaging Size: 5-litre

Brand Diversey Taski
Form Thick Liquid
Color Dark Blue
Packaging Type HDPE Can
Shelf Life 24 months

What is R2 cleaning agent?

The Taski R2 general cleaner is a specially formulated soap oil that helps remove lime-scale deposits and stubborn stains. This all-in-one cleanser is ideal for use in home, office or other outdoor space. It leaves your floors hygienically clean and germ free.

Which chemical is used for carpet shampooing?

Citafresh: Citafresh is a very popular cleaning agent for heavily soiled, greasy carpets that have accumulated a great deal of dirt over a period of time. This is probably the best cleaning agent for seriously dirty carpets.

How do I use taski R2?

in 1 litre of water., When used at 5% concentration, TASKI R2 will clean and sanitise the surface., Spray a small quantity of TASKI R2 onto a clean cloth / sponge. Wipe clean all hard surfaces e.g. picture frames, TV, cabinets, windows, mirrors, glass topped tables, telephones, etc. to remove stains, grease and dirt.

What is Colour of R6 chemical?

Product Specification

Brand Diversey Taski
Physical State Liquid
Packaging Type Can
Quantity Per Pack 2
Color Blue

Which taski is used for toilet bowl cleaner?

TASKI R6 is an effective toilet cleaner specially formulated to remove lime-scale deposits and stubborn stains. It leaves toilet bowls and urinals sparkling clean.

What is D7 chemical?

Description and Benefits: Suma D7 is a specially formulated ready-to-use polish for use on stainless steel surfaces, which are not used for the preparation of food, like the refrigerator, freezer doors, trolleys and dishwashing machines. Cleans and polishes ŒStainless steel.