What is Serv-u used for?

What is Serv-u used for?

The SolarWinds Serv-U File Server (Serv-U) is a multi-protocol file server capable of sending and receiving files from other networked computers through various means.

What is Serv-U Gateway?

Serv-U Gateway is an add-on to be used with Serv-U Managed File Transfer (MFT) Server and Serv-U FTP Server. Serv-U MFT Server or Serv-U FTP Server connects to Serv-U Gateway and tells it to listen to client connections on specific IP addresses and ports. This connection is called the “Gateway Connection Channel.”

How do I update my Serv-U?


  1. Back up your old Serv-U settings as described above.
  2. Download the latest licensed version of Serv-U from the Customer Portal, and save it to a temporary directory.
  3. Open the file, and run the program as administrator.
  4. When prompted, overwrite the existing version.

What is the latest version of Serv-U?

Serv-U File Server version 15.2. 1 is an alternative to version 15.2 and can be applied to any new or existing installation; however it is primarily intended for installations with automated users or FTP users without access to the Serv-U Web Client.

What is SolarWinds Serv-U FTP?

Serv-U File Transfer Protocol Server Simple, affordable, easy-to-use FTP server software. Key Features. File transfer using FTP and FTPS. Quick and easy file transfers from the web and mobile devices. Transfer multiple and large files easily.

What is SolarWinds Serv?

Solarwinds® Serv-U® Managed File Transfer (MFT) Server from SolarWinds® is an easy-to- use FTP server software that delivers security, automation, and centralized control for file transfers in your organization.

What is an MFT server?

Managed file transfer (MFT) is a technology platform that allows organizations to reliably exchange electronic data between systems and people in a secure way to meet compliance needs.

How do I access my Serv-U?

To access the web client from the Serv-U console, select Web Client from the tools drop-down menu. You can specify the Web Client to be the default FTP client displayed to users when they log into your file server.

How do I upgrade my Serv FTP?

IMPORTANT: If you are upgrading to Serv-U FTP/MFT version 15.2….3 (or newer), manually apply the license key.

  1. Stop the Serv-U service.
  2. Make a backup of the Serv-UID.
  3. Edit the Serv-UID.
  4. Start the Serv-U service.
  5. After starting the service, make sure that the Domain Listeners are working and ready to accept connections.

Is SolarWinds SFTP server free?

SolarWinds SFTP SCP Server is a free tool for the secure transfer of network files. While it’s suitable for transferring files securely over the internet, this program was designed with network administrators in mind.

What is SolarWinds Serv-U MFT?

What is MFT example?

MFT solutions enable organizations to exchange important business documents with key trading partners. For example, a shipping company could use MFT to send out spreadsheets, shipping information, and keep track of inventory with supply chain partners.