What is schatzker Type 2 fracture?

What is schatzker Type 2 fracture?

A Schatzker type II fracture is a combined cleav- age and compression fracture of the lateral tibial plateau, a type I fracture with a depressed combined with axial loading on the knee and therefore may be associated with a distraction- type injury to the medial collateral ligament (MCL) or ACL (Fig 2).

What is tibial condyle fracture?

A tibial plateau fracture refers to a break or crack in the top of the shin bone, at the knee. It involves the cartilage surface of the knee joint. This joint helps supports your body weight, and when it is fractured, it is unable to absorb shock.

What type of fracture is a tibial plateau fracture?

A tibial plateau fracture is a break of the larger lower leg bone below the knee that breaks into the knee joint itself. It is rare to only just break the bone. This is an injury that can involve the bone, meniscus, ligaments, muscles, tendons and skin around the knee.

What is lateral tibial condyle?

The lateral condyle is the lateral portion of the upper extremity of tibia. It serves as the insertion for the biceps femoris muscle (small slip).

What is a schatzker 6 fracture?

The Schatzker classification system divides tibial plateau fractures into six types: lateral tibial plateau fracture without depression (I), lateral tibial plateau fracture with depression (II), compression fracture of the lateral (IIIA) or central (IIIB) tibial plateau, medial tibial plateau fracture (IV), bicondylar …

How do you know if your tibia is fractured?


  1. Inability to walk or bear weight on the leg.
  2. Deformity or instability of the leg.
  3. Bone “tenting” over the skin at the fracture site or bone protruding through a break in the skin.
  4. Occasional loss of feeling in the foot.

Can you walk on a fractured tibia?

Can you still walk with a fractured tibia? In most cases, the answer is no. Walking after a tibia fracture can make your injury worse and may cause further damage to the surrounding muscles, ligaments and skin. Walking on a fractured tibia is also likely to be extremely painful.

Can you bend your knee with a fractured tibia?

Can I bend my knee after tibial plateau fracture? Yes, bending the knee can start immediately after tibial plateau fracture if you did not have surgery. If you had surgery then you can start bending the knee to 90 degrees 1 week after surgery.

What is a lateral condyle fracture?

Lateral condyle fractures are the second most common elbow fracture after the supracondylar humerus fracture in children. This fracture pattern is typically through the lateral metaphysis extending into the epiphysis and often extends into the articular surface.

Can you walk with tibia fracture?

Do they cast a tibial plateau fracture?

Tibial Plateau Fracture Care For fractures that have not shifted, surgery may not be needed. The most common non-surgical treatment is a short leg, non-weightbearing cast or a hinged knee brace, combined with physical therapy and rest.