What is rynaxypyr?

What is rynaxypyr?

Rynaxypyr is a highly potent and selective activator of insect ryanodine receptors with exceptional activity on a broad range of Lepidoptera. A strong correlation between insecticidal activity and ryanodine receptor activation is observed along with selective activity against insect over mammalian receptors.

What is Prevathon used for?

PREVATHON® is a suspension concentrate that can be applied as a foliar application to control listed insects. PREVATHON® is mixed with water for application. PREVATHON® is a member of the anthranilic diamide class of insecticides with a novel mode of action acting on insect ryanodine receptors.

What is altacor used for?

Altacor insect control provides fast and long-lasting residual control of key pests including NOW, PTB, codling moth, OFM and other damaging pests in pome and stone fruits, tree nuts and more than 100 other crops.

Is Coragen harmful to humans?

Although claimed to be nontoxic to humans, chlorantraniliprole, an insecticide, could cause conduction defects by activating ryanodine receptors.

How does Coragen insecticide work?

DuPont™ CORAGEN® is a member of the anthranilic diamide class of insecticides with a novel mode of action acting on insect ryanodine receptors. Although CORAGEN® has contact activity, it is most effective through ingestion of treated plant material.

How do I use Perfekthion?

Pour in the required amount of Perfekthion. Add the remainder of the water and continue agitation until spraying is completed. When tank mixes are to be used, each product should be added separately to the spray tank, taking due note of any instructions given as to the order of mixing.

Who makes Prevathon?

4. DuPont™ PREVATHON™ and other water based suspension concentrates.

How hazardous is altacor?

Signal word : Warning Hazardous warnings : Very toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects. Precautionary statements : Collect spillage. Dispose of contents/ container to an approved waste disposal plant.

What is assail insecticide?

Assail is a neonicotinoid insecticide with the active ingredient acetamiprid (IRAC code 4A). It has activity against eggs, larvae and adults of several insect pests through contact and ingestion. Assail is rapidly absorbed by the plant tissue and quickly moves via systemic translaminar activity.

Which contains in Coragen?


Product: Coragen Insecticide APVMA Code: 61519/129650
Active Ingredient: 200 g/L Chlorantraniliprole
Formulation Type: Suspension Concentrate
Overview: For the control of Lepidopteran species of insect pests in a wide range of vegetable crops.

Is Coragen organic?

DuPont Coragen Organic Pesticides, 150ml.