What is R5 zoning in Snohomish?

What is R5 zoning in Snohomish?

A: R-5 means that the property is zoned as “Rural-5”. In other words, if that lot were to be divided, the smallest lot(s) that could be created would be 5 acres. “Rural-5” also means that the uses of the land is restricted to certain types of activities (not just residential).

What is R5 zoning WA?

ZONING DESCRIPTION SHEET “The R-5, Medium High Density Multiple-Family Residential District is intended to provide areas for multiple-family dwellings at densities ranging up to medium high.”

Can I subdivide my property Snohomish County?

Yes. However, the process is termed a Subdivision. A Subdivision requires a public hearing and a SEPA (State Environmental Policy Act) determination.

What is R2 zoning in Everett WA?

Single-family zones were the only zoning classifications to escape changes for now, which include Suburban Residential (R-S), Single Family Detached Low Density (R-1), Single Family Detached Medium Density (R-2), and Single Family Detached Medium Density (R2-A) zones, though an earlier concept had envisioned trimming …

How close can you build to property line Snohomish County?

20 feet
All buildings and structures, storage areas, or other activities (except sales stands) occurring outside of a residential structure must be at least 20 feet from any property line.

What is R5 land?

Zone R5 Large Lot Residential. • To provide residential housing in a rural setting while preserving, and minimising impacts on, environmentally sensitive locations and scenic quality.

What is R6 zoning in Shoreline WA?

Shoreline is primarily R6, our great zoning standards allow more residential density at every level. The secret to fewer cars are businesses and other destinations within walking or biking distance of your residence.

How long does it take to get a building permit in Snohomish County?

Review times can vary based on application type and numbers of applications in review. 2-3 months is not unu- sual for 1st review completion. During the review process, you or your agent may check the status of your per- mit by using the “Check Status” feature on MyBuildingPermit.com.

How big of a building can I build without a permit in Snohomish County?

400 square feet
Rural properties, outside designated Urban Growth Areas (UGAs), may use the same criteria to construct a building up to 400 square feet without a building permit.

Do you need a permit to build a fence in Snohomish County?

For example, you may not need a building permit to build a 100 square foot shed or 8-foot fence, but you will be required to meet structure setback requirements from property lines, and the structure must still comply with building code regulations.

What are the boundaries of Snohomish County?

Snohomish County is bound to the north by Skagit County, to the east by Chelan County, to the south by King County, and to the west by Kitsap and Island counties.