What is pre merchantable timber?

What is pre merchantable timber?

PRE-MERCHANTABLE – Timber that is not yet saleable. PRESCRIBED or CONTROLLED BURN – The use of fire under specific environmental conditions to achieve forest management objectives. Used to reduce hazardous fuel levels, control unwanted vegetation, favor desired vegetation, and improve visibility and wildlife habitat.

How do you value pre merchantable timber?

To estimate the total value of a forested tract, land value should be added to the value of the pre- merchantable timber. m estimating investment value. premerchantable stand value is to “compound” all of the timber’s produc- tion costs to the stand’s current age.

What is non merchantable timber?

–A tree that does not meet regional merchantability standards because of excessive sound cull. Includes noncommercial tree species. Roundwood products. –Logs, bolts, or chips cut from trees for industrial and nonindustrial uses (sawlogs, veneer logs, pulpwood, fuelwood, etc.). Sapling.

What is a merchantable stand?

Merchantable stand of timber means a stand of trees that will yield logs and/or fiber: Suitable in size and quality for the production of lumber, plywood, pulp or other forest products; Of sufficient value at least to cover all the costs of harvest and transportation to available markets.

What is a basal area used for?

Basal area is used to determine more than just forest stand density; it is also linked with timber stand volume and growth. Therefore, it is often the basis for making important forest management decisions such as estimating forest regeneration needs and wildlife habitat requirements.

Where does most logging takes place in the US?

In the United States, most logging takes place in the conifer forests of the West and on the pine plan- tations of the South, on both private and public lands.

How much are red oak trees worth?

The most recent report shows red oak at a median price of $300 per 1,000 board feet, twice the value of the next most valuable species, other oaks, at $150 per 1,000 board feet.

How much is a hemlock tree worth?

For a person who wants to buy hemlock for construction,&bsp sawn, air dried rough hemlock lumber sells for $. 90 a board foot($900/thousand bd. ft.). Kiln dried lumber will bring $1.00 board foot and planed lumber will add another 10 cents per board foot.

What is the difference between sawlogs and pulpwood?

The term sawlog is a log of suitable size for sawing into lumber, processed at a sawmill. This is in contrast to those other parts of the stem that are designated pulpwood. Sawlogs will be greater in diameter, straighter and have a lower knot frequency.

What is pulpwood timber?

Pulpwood is timber with the principal use of making wood pulp for paper production.

How does a Biltmore stick work?

A Biltmore stick, dated to the early 19th century, is one method used for measuring tree diameter and height (total or merchantable). From there, the total board feet of the tree can be established, along with tonnage and cubic feet.