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What is Om size in guitar?

What is Om size in guitar?

Orchestra Model (OM) – Buy an orchestra if: You need a guitar with more projection and wider range than smaller guitar sizes, yet a more delicate size and feel than a larger style guitar (1).

Is Breedlove good guitar?

Recent years have seen Breedlove become one of the top-selling quality acoustic guitar brands in the USA. Breedlove is known for its high quality instruments including guitars, basses and mandolins, handmade in Bend, Oregon and designed by Kim Breedlove himself.

Are Chinese Breedlove Guitars good?

Breedlove was started by two experienced luthiers who had innovative quality design at the top of their list right from the beginning. Even with their move to partial manufacturing in Asia, they have managed to keep quality standards reasonably high, making some great-sounding affordable guitars.

Are Breedlove Guitars easy?

This is a great guitar for beginners, offering a thinner neck profile, for fingers that are acclimating. Made with mahogany neckwood, and an Indonesian rosewood fretboard, this guitar is easy to play. It even offers a pinless bridge for easier string changes.

Who plays a Breedlove guitar?

Jeff Bridges on how his Breedlove signature acoustic will help save the planet – and why he started his first rock band at 60 | Guitar World.

Who bought Breedlove Guitars?

Tom Bedell
Two Old Hippies, led by Tom Bedell, purchased Breedlove in November 2010, by which time the workshop had already moved to Bend, Oregon. A new, larger, facility was dedicated on the city’s American Loop in late 2012, becoming today’s home of USA-made Breedlove Guitars.

Does Breedlove make a 12 fret guitar?

Breedlove’s distinctive small body guitar delivers a surprisingly clear, crisp sound, and its short scale 12-fret design makes it a joy to play.

Where do they make Breedlove Guitars?

Bend, Oregon
Oregon-built guitar series Breedlove’s Masterclass, Legacy, Premier, and Oregon models, as well as some premium Signature models, are made in Bend, Oregon and are hand-voiced using the Sound Optimization System.

What is an OM model guitar?

The Orchestra Model Guitar or OM for short is one of the most popular acoustic guitar body shapes of all time. Smaller and more comfortable to hold than the traditional dreadnought, the OM has a not too big not too small sound that seems to be just right for most people.

Is Breedlove better than Taylor?

They are of the finest quality as they are made with the best quality of materials available out there. The key difference that you would need to know about Taylor guitars is that they manufacture both electric and acoustic guitars as opposed to the Breedlove guitars as they are only manufacturing the acoustic ones.

Are Breedlove guitars made in China?

These guitars are designed and quality controlled in Bend, Oregon and built in China.