What is Msolap connection?

What is Msolap connection?

To create a data connection to an Analysis Services data source, Microsoft Excel uses the Microsoft Analysis Services OLE DB Provider for Microsoft SQL Server (MSOLAP). Excel uses the version of the MSOLAP provider that is installed on the client device.

How do I know what version of Msolap I have?

Check installed versions

  1. Go to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Analysis Services\AS OLEDB\ . If you have more than one folder, choose the higher number.
  2. Right-click msolap. dll > Properties > Details. Check the Product version property. Note: If the filename is msolap140.

Where is Msolap dll located?

DLL Files Related to msolap. dll

File Name Description File Location
Microsoft.VisualStudio… Microsoft.VisualStudio.Tools.Office.Word.HostAdapter.v10.0.dll C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\microsoft s…
System.Web.Mvc.dll System.Web.Mvc.dll C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\root\Of…

How do I install Microsoft AnalysisServices dll?

Add references

  1. In Solution Explorer > Add Reference > Browse.
  2. Go to C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\140\SDK\Assemblies and select: Microsoft. AnalysisServices.
  3. Click OK. In Solution Explorer, confirm the assemblies exist in the References folder.
  4. In your code page, add the Microsoft. AnalysisServces.

What is MDX query in SQL Server?

Applies to: SQL Server Analysis Services Azure Analysis Services Power BI Premium. Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) lets you query multidimensional objects, such as cubes, and return multidimensional cellsets that contain the cube’s data.

How do I connect to Azure Analysis Services?

To connect with SSMS In Azure portal > server > Overview > Server name, copy the server name. In SSMS > Object Explorer, click Connect > Analysis Services. Authentication type, Active Directory – Universal with MFA support, is recommended.

How do I open azure Analysis Services in Visual Studio?


  1. In the solution explorer in Visual Studio, right click on the project and click properties.
  2. Right click the project name again, but this time click Deploy.
  3. Select Databases/SQL Server Analysis Services and then click connect.
  4. Enter your Azure AS server name and click OK.

What is Adomd?

ADOMD.NET is a Microsoft . NET Framework data provider that is designed to communicate with Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services. Using this extension we can read multidimensional schema, query cubes, and retrieve the results.

What is Microsoft Analysis Services Adomd NET?

ADOMD.NET is a Microsoft . NET Framework data provider designed to communicate with Analysis Services. Commands can be sent in Multidimensional Expressions (MDX), Data Mining Extensions (DMX), Analysis Services Scripting Language (ASSL), or even a limited syntax of SQL, and may not return a result.

What does OLE DB stand for?

Object Linking and Embedding, Database
OLE DB stands for Object Linking and Embedding, Database. It is an API designed by Microsoft, that allows users to access a variety of data sources in a uniform manner.

What is Microsoft Analysis Services OLE DB provider?

The Analysis Services OLE DB Provider is a COM component that software developers can use to create client-side applications that browse metadata and query data stored in Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Analysis Services.

What’s the msolap file?

[Time Needed for Reading: ~4-6 minutes] Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Analysis Services 15.0 files, such as msolap.dll, are considered a type of Win32 DLL (Dynamic link library)file. They are associated with the DLL file extension, developed by Microsoftfor Microsoft Analysis Services.

Where can I find msolap DLL in 2016?

Msolap.dll is found in Microsoft Office 2016 Preview (32 bit) (not specified) and Microsoft Project Professional 2016 (64-Bit) 2016.

What is msolap in Amo?

Analysis Services OLE DB Provider (MSOLAP) is the native client library for Analysis Services database connections. It’s used indirectly by both ADOMD.NET and AMO, delegating connection requests to the data provider. You can also call the OLE DB Provider directly from application code.

How do I check the product version of msolap?

Go to C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft Analysis Services\\AS OLEDB\\. If you have more than one folder, choose the higher number. Right-click msolap.dll > Properties > Details. Check the Product version property. Note: If the filename is msolap140.dll, it’s older than latest version and should be upgraded.