What is MLC 2006 and why is it important?

What is MLC 2006 and why is it important?

What is the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 (MLC, 2006)? The MLC is a comprehensive international employment Convention adopted by the ILO International Labour Conference in February 2006. It contains seafarers’ rights to decent conditions of work and creates conditions of fair competition for shipowners.

How MLC 2006 improves the welfare of seafarers?

The welfare provisions of the MLC are enshrined as a right of all seafarers under Article IV of the Convention, which states that “Every Seafarer has a right to decent working and living condition on board ship and health protection, medical care, welfare measures and other forms of social protection.”

Has the world’s busiest container port moving over 33 and 37 million container units in 2013 and 2017 respectively?

Shanghai Keeps its Title as World’s Busiest Container Port.

Is the MLC, 2006 already applicable?

In some cases, a country might decide that no further legal measures need to be devised because, for example, a seafarer’s rights under the MLC, 2006 is already adequately covered by the general law applied by the national courts.

What are the areas covered by MLC, 2006?

Contents of MLC, 2006

  • Minimum Requirements for seafarers to work on ships. Minimum age.
  • Conditions of Employment. Seafarer’s Employment Agreement.
  • Accommodation, Recreation, Food and Catering.
  • Health Protection, Medical Care, Welfare and Social Security Protection.
  • Compliance and Enforcement.

How many annexes are there in MARPOL?

six technical Annexes
MARPOL has been updated by amendments through the years. The Convention includes regulations aimed at preventing and minimizing pollution from ships – both accidental pollution and that from routine operations – and currently includes six technical Annexes.

What are the two basic aims of the MLC, 2006?

The two basic aims of the MLC, 2006 are: To establish a level playing field for countries and ship owners committed to providing decent working and living conditions for seafarers, protecting them from unfair competition on the part of substandard ships.

How many ships are there in the world 2020?

At the end of 2020, there were around 62,100 vessels in the world trading fleet, with a total deadweight tonnage of 2,033 million DWT. By deadweight tonnage, the world fleet has doubled in size since 2005 and despite the growth slowing in recent years, it has still increased by 3% since 2019.

Why is Shanghai port so successful?

Because a lot of investment development of the port, Shanghai port developed very rapidly. It facilitated the transport of goods; as a result China’s economy has improved dramatically. Through more than half a century of endless efforts, Shanghai Port has become a one of the most modern and famous ports in a world.

What are the 5 Regulations of MLC?

Title 1: Minimum requirements for seafarers to work on a ship. Title 2: Conditions of employment. Title 3: Accommodation, recreational facilities, food and catering. Title 4: Health protection, medical care, welfare and social security protection.