What is meant by scaffold in medicinal chemistry?

What is meant by scaffold in medicinal chemistry?

Scaffold: A term describing the core structure of a compound or series. Substitution site: Position (site) of chemical variation in a core structure carrying different substituents (functional groups, R-groups) in different analogs.

What is scaffold in drug design?

Scaffolds. The ‘scaffold’ concept is widely applied in medicinal chemistry and drug design to generate, analyze, and compare core structures of active compounds and analog series [1]. Scaffolds might be defined algorithmically or on the basis of medicinal chemistry knowledge [1–3].

What is scaffold in organic chemistry?

The scaffold of a molecule is taken to be its framework, defined as all its ring systems and all the linkers that connect them. Framework data from more than 24 million organic compounds is analyzed.

What is scaffold in combinatorial chemistry?

The combinatorial libraries can be structurally related by a central core structure, termed scaffold (ie. all compounds of library have a common core structure), or by a common backbone.

What is a scaffold in biology?

Scaffolds. Scaffolds are materials that have been engineered to cause desirable cellular interactions to contribute to the formation of new functional tissues for medical purposes. Cells are often ‘seeded’ into these structures capable of supporting three-dimensional tissue formation.

What is scaffold analysis?

Rather, a scaffold- ing analysis is a kind of comparative analysis that we perform on learning interac- tions. Because this analysis is comparative, it always produces results that are relative to specific choices that we make in framing the comparative analysis.

What is a molecular scaffold?

Molecular scaffold, a distinguished and one of the most imperative notions in medicinal chemistry, is defined as the core structure of a molecule with preferable bioactive properties.

What is meant by medicinal chemistry?

A. Medicinal chemistry is also concerned with the study, identification, and synthesis of the metabolic products of these drugs and related compounds” [2]. Drugs—natural and synthetic alike—are chemicals used for medicinal purposes. They interact with complex chemical systems of humans or animals.

What is meant by a privileged scaffold?

The evolving role of privileged scaffolds. In the original contribution, Evans defined privileged scaffold as “structures that are able to provide high-affinity ligands for more than one type of receptor” [1].

What is meant by privilege scaffold?

What is the main principle of combinatorial chemistry?

Combinatorial chemistry is based on the principle of making a large number of chemical compounds rapidly on a small scale in small reaction cells. This practice is widely adopted by the pharmaceutical sector for use during the drug designing and screening stages.

What is a combinatorial chemistry library?

Definition. Combinatorial libraries are collections of chemical compounds, small molecules or macromolecules such as proteins, synthesized by combinatorial chemistry, in which multiple different combinations of related chemical species are reacted together in similar chemical reactions.