What is Lookup fileset DataStage?

What is Lookup fileset DataStage?

The Lookup File Set stage is a file stage that allows you to create a lookup file set or reference one for a lookup. When performing lookups, Lookup File Set stages are used with Lookup stages. The Lookup File Set stage is a file stage. It allows you to create a lookup file set or reference one for a lookup.

What is dataset in DataStage?

The Data Set stage allows you to store data being operated on in a persistent form, which can then be used by other InfoSphere® DataStage® jobs. Data sets are operating system files, each referred to by a control file, which by convention has the suffix .

Where are datasets stored in DataStage?

Primarily, persistent Datasets are being stored in Unix files using internal Datastage EE format, while virtual Datasets are never stored on disk – they do exist within links, and in EE format, but in RAM memory.

What is sequential file in DataStage?

The Sequential File stage is a file stage that allows you to read data from or write data one or more flat files. The stage can have a single input link or a single output link, and a single rejects link.

What is hashed file in DataStage?

The data in Datastage can be looked up from a hashed file or from a database (ODBC/ORACLE) source. Lookups are always managed by the transformer stage. A Hashed File is a reference table based on key fields which provides fast access for lookups. They are very useful as a temporary or non-volatile program storage area.

What is the default padding character in DataStage?

By default character 0x0 is used as a pad character When InfoSphere® DataStage® extends, or pads, a string field to a fixed length.

How do you view data in a dataset in DataStage?

To view the data present in the dataset, open the properties of the dataset whose data you want to view and then on top right corner you can see the a tab name’ view data’, click on it and you will be able to view the data.

How do you load data on a sequential file in DataStage?

Configure the Customer Sequential File stage.

  1. Double-click the Customer stage.
  2. Click the Output tab, and then click the Properties page.
  3. On the Properties page, select the File property and specify the location of the source file .
  4. Load the table definitions for the customer data.

How do I import data into sequential file in DataStage?

Double click on the sequential file stage and go to properties tab. Read Method:Whether to specify filenames explicitly or use a file pattern. Important Options: First Line is Column Names:If set true, the first line of a file contains column names on writing and is ignored on reading.

What is sorted file?

A sorted file is one in which records are stored: – in order of the values of one field (e.g., ID number) – or in order of the concatenation of several fields. (e.g., first & last names) The sort field is sometimes called as a key of the file.

Which is type of view in Data stage director?

DataStage Director has three view options: The Status view displays the status, date and time started, elapsed time, and other run information about each job in the selected repository category. The Schedule view displays job scheduling details. The Log view displays all of the events for a particular run of a job.