What is IM7 graphite?

What is IM7 graphite?

IM-7 = 41-million modulus. IM-8 = 42 to 45-million modulus. Any blank rated over 45-million modulus is “High Modulus” or “HM”. Most anglers tout the advantages of “high modulus” graphite. but there is much to be said for “intermediate modulus”.

What is the difference between IM7 IM8 graphite?

It boils down to the modulus of the graphite blanks. The IM7 wont have as many carbon fibers per inch as the IM8. What this means is that it takes a thicker wall for the same amount of strength. So you use less material in the IM8 than IM7 you can build a lighter, stronger and more sensitive rod.

What does 24 ton graphite mean?

Tonnage is numeric value for rating graphite. The higher the graphite tonnage the stiffer the graphite is and the more vibrations are transmitted through the rod. As tonnage increases less material is required to achieve the same action reducing the weight of the rod and increasing sensitivity.

Is IM6 graphite good?

With IM6, you had a high modulus, high strain rate graphite that made it possible to produce a lighter, more sensitive rod. The modulus of graphite used in rods keeps getting higher and higher, making for more sensitive, lighter and more efficient rods.

What IM7 means?


Acronym Definition
IM7 Seventh-Order Intermodulation

What is an IM7 fishing rod?

Fiberglass rods have a modulus of 6 to 13 million and graphite rods are from 33- to 60-million modulus (ie: IM6 has 33,000,000 and IM7 has 42,000,000). A high modulus rod would be stiffer, faster, lighter and more sensitive, but will also be more brittle, much like the difference between Plexiglas and glass.

What is IM6 blank?

Netcraft IM6 Graphite Rod Blanks Jann’s Netcraft Sportsmans Series IM6 graphite rod blanks are lightweight, sensitive and strong. Our IM6 rod blanks are available in an attractive black matte finish. Multiple piece rod blanks feature integral ferrules that improve rod performance.

Who made the first graphite rod?

Along with Fenwick, the company that generally gets credit for building the first graphite-composite fishing rod in 1973, Lamiglas, Shakespeare and Garcia-Conolon were among the pioneers that brought hollow graphite-composite rods to the market in the early ’70s.

What does im mean in fishing rods?

Modulus is basically resistance to bending or a ratio of stiffness to strength. IM stands for Intermediate Modulus, HM for High Modulus. Intermediate modulus material carries a rating of 43-44 million modulus. High modulus material is commonly 55 million. The development of IM6 material was in the aerospace industry.

What are graphite rods?

Solid graphite rods are machined from blocks of graphite for use in various industries and applications. Our office stocks standard sizes manufactured and machined from Extruded Graphite. The two types offered are JC3 and JC4.

What is an IM6 and IM8 fishing rods?

the article says that IM6 is the general “norm” for a flexible, but slightly heavier rod. Go to an IM7 and the rod gets lighter and stiffer – and go to an IM8 and it’s even lighter and stiffer.

What is 30t graphite?

30 ton graphite is 30 million modulus, and so on and so on.