What is Hong Kong Category 3?

What is Hong Kong Category 3?

In strict legal terms, a Category III film is one forbidden to any viewer under the age of 18. The classification was created in 1988 with the passing of Hong Kong’s film censorship law. There was a government censorship body prior to 1988, but it had no legal power to censor films.

What is Hong Kong cinema known for?

In the West, Hong Kong’s vigorous pop cinema (especially Hong Kong action cinema) has long had a strong cult following, which is now arguably a part of the cultural mainstream, widely available and imitated….

Cinema of Hong Kong
Total 56 (average)
Number of admissions (2010)
Total 22,500,000
• Per capita 3.2 (2010)

What is IIA rating?

Category IIA and IIB classifications are advisory (no statutory age restriction is imposed) and are intended to give more information to movie-goers, parents in particular, to help them select films for themselves or their children. Age restriction is mandatory for Category III films.

How do you rate a cinema?

Rated PG: Parental guidance suggested – Some material may not be suitable for children. Rated PG-13: Parents strongly cautioned – Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13. Rated R: Restricted – Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian. Rated NC-17: No children under 17 admitted.

Who is the most famous Hong Kong actor?

Top 10

  1. Jackie Chan (1954 – ) With an HPI of 83.40, Jackie Chan is the most famous Chinese Actor.
  2. Sammo Hung (1952 – ) With an HPI of 72.48, Sammo Hung is the 2nd most famous Chinese Actor.
  3. Chow Yun-fat (1955 – )
  4. Stephen Chow (1962 – )
  5. Andy Lau (1961 – )
  6. Yuen Biao (1957 – )
  7. Katrina Kaif (1983 – )
  8. John Lone (1952 – )

What is IIA movie?

Film Classification

  • Category I. Suitable for All Ages.
  • Category IIA. Not Suitable for Children.
  • Category IIB. Not Suitable for Young Persons and Children.
  • Category III. Persons Aged 18 or Above Only.

What does IIB mean in movie?

Film Classification System. Hong Kong has a three-tier film classification system: Category I (suitable for all ages); Category II, which is subdivided into Category IIA (not suitable for children) and Category IIB (not suitable for young persons and children); and Category III (for persons aged 18 and above only).

What age is Ma?

17 years of age
Programming rated TV-MA in the United States by the TV Parental Guidelines signifies content for mature audiences. It is equivalent to the MPAA film ratings R and NC-17. Programs with this rating are usually not suitable for minors under 17 years of age (18 in some cases).

Can a 13 year old watch am movie?

M-rated films and computer games are not recommended for children under the age of 15. They include portrayals of elements such as violence and themes that require a mature outlook.

Who is No 1 actor in China?

1. Jiang Wen (姜文) When it comes to famous Chinese actors, Jiang Wen is the first one to spring to many Chinese people’s minds. Known for his non-conformist style, Jiang Wen is a titan in the Chinese film industry.

Who is the most beautiful Hong Kong actress?

And surprise, surprise, actress Ali Lee came up tops. Mayanne Mak was second, followed by Tracy Chu, Grace Chan, Winki Lai, and Bella Lam.