What is EQ-5D-5L?

What is EQ-5D-5L?

“EQ-5D – a valid and reliable family of questionnaires (EQ-5D-5L, EQ-5D-3L, EQ-5D-Y) to describe and value health.” “ EQ-5D is flexible | EQ-5D is available in electronic and paper formats as self-report, interviewer-based and proxy versions.”

How can I learn more about EQ-5D?

EuroQol have developed a simple informative graphic to help describe EQ-5D to those less familiar with the instrument. It can be viewed or downloaded from the website. The EuroQol Research Foundation and LimeSurvey are happy to announce that EQ-5D modular versions are now available for LimeSurvey users.

Where can I find eq-5d-related publications?

The EuroQol Research Foundation offers a search tool to find EQ-5D-related publications. The Foundation publishes books, Working Papers and User Guides that can be found on the following pages. Read more…

Where can I find the eq-5d-y?

EuroQol is proud to announce the launch of a new whiteboard animation on the child-friendly version of the EQ-5D, the EQ-5D-Y. The animation briefly explains… EQ-5D, HELPING THE WORLD MAKE BETTER HEALTH DECISIONS™. EQ-5D can be obtained by registering your study or initiative at our website. Sample EQ-5D versions can be downloaded.