What is editorial illustration in Shutterstock?

What is editorial illustration in Shutterstock?

An editorial illustration can be used to illustrate newsworthy and current events. It can also be used to illustrate subjects of human interest, including: the arts, business, culture, health and fitness, lifestyle, social events, technology and travel.

Where can I find stock illustrations?

Best websites to find Stock Illustrations

  • Shutterstock.
  • Adobe Stock.
  • Freepik.
  • You Work For Them.
  • Old Book Illustrations.
  • Ikon Stock Illustrations.
  • Stock Illustrations.
  • Folioplanet.com.

What does editorial illustrator mean?

An editorial illustrator typically creates illustrations for magazines and newspapers, which are printed on a weekly or monthly basis. This translates to consistent and varied work for professional illustrators.

What is illustration and editorial?

Editorial illustration is artwork created in response to written text, usually an article in a magazine, newspaper, or blog. Editorial illustration is an exciting field because it allows the illustrator to inject their own opinions and unique voice into the work.

How do I submit an illustration to Shutterstock?

You will find more information on technical requirements here.

  1. Step 1: Upload Your Content. Shutterstock offers two options for uploading your illustrations, via your web browser or via FTPS.
  2. Step 2: Tagging and Metadata.
  3. Step 3: Submit Your Content.

Are stock illustrations free?

The advantages of stock illustrations are numerous, firstly, and perhaps most importantly is the price, they are usually much cheaper than custom illustrations and often can be used for free.

Is iStock for free?

With straightforward royalty-free pricing that lets you use an image in virtually any project, as often as you want (within license terms), we make it easy to get the photos you need. We’re always adding images, so come back regularly to check out our diverse collections.

How can I get free illustrations?

Top 10 Websites To Find Free Illustrations

  1. Pixabay. Pixabay is one of the most significant illustration search engines, with over 2 million copyright and royalty-free vector images.
  2. unDraw.
  3. Freepik.
  4. Openclipart.
  5. Flaticon.
  6. VectorStock.
  7. Vecteezy.
  8. The Noun Project.

How much do iStock contributors make?

iStock Contributor Earnings Non-exclusive contributors earn 15% royalties for stock photos and 20% royalties for videos and illustrations. Exclusive contributors can earn between 25% and 45% for each piece of content they license.

How much does an iStock credit cost?

Credit packs are more expensive than the subscription plan; however, you can purchase video clips and extended licenses with Credits only. iStock prices start at $0.22/image with subscription plans and $8/image with credits….Credit packs.

Pack size Price Price per credit
1 $12 $12
3 $33 $11
6 $60 $10
12 $115 $9.58

How much do editorial illustrators make?

A US-based editorial illustrator earns an average of $47,000 a year, according to the job site Indeed.com. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics doesn’t have a category for illustrators. They fall between “craft and fine artists” and “multi-media artists and animators,” which are significantly different jobs.

What is illustrative editorial?

At Adobe Stock, we define illustrative editorial as conceptual imagery designed to illustrate articles on current events and newsworthy topics. This type of content often features images of real brands and products — like signs on buildings, soda cans, computers, and cars — to convey a story.

How do I submit my illustrative editorial content to Adobe Stock?

If you have an online portfolio of illustrative editorial content somewhere other than Adobe Stock, you can submit it for consideration via the contact us link found at the bottom of the Adobe Stock Contributor portal.

How do I use an editorial image?

Proper use of an editorial image includes using the image to illustrate news, commentary, or opinion in newspaper or magazine articles, blog or website posts, or in non-commercial multimedia presentations (such as film). Generally, the same subject restrictions for photographs also apply to JPG illustrations and vectors (including 3D renderings).

What does “editorial use only” mean?

An image labeled as “Editorial Use Only” on Shutterstock (an “editorial image”) is an image that cannot be used to advertise or promote a product or service. The people, objects or places in editorial images are not released for commercial use. An editorial image can be used to illustrate newsworthy and current events.