What is Dalhousie University best for?

What is Dalhousie University best for?

Dalhousie University, one of Canada’s leading universities, is widely recognized for outstanding academic quality and teaching, and a broad range of educational and research opportunities. Located in vibrant Halifax, Nova Scotia since 1818, Dalhousie attracts high achieving students from around the world.

What is Mi degree?

The MI degree is a 2 year course of study for full-time students. A total of 16 half-credit courses (48 credit hours) and the non-credit Practicum are needed to complete the degree. Full-time status: a minimum of 3 half-credit courses in a single term is considered full-time status.

What subject is Dalhousie University known for?

Today, the institution that’s affectionately known as ‘Dal’ to its 19,000 students, offers over 200 degree programs across 13 faculties located in Nova Scotia, on Canada’s eastern coast. Dalhousie’s academic portfolio covers a wide range of subjects, including sciences, medicine, law, engineering and the arts.

Is Dalhousie University hard to get into?

*Please note: Admission to many programs at Dalhousie is competitive; meeting the minimum average doesn’t guarantee admission. Some programs may have course requirements lower than 70% but typically, 70% or higher is necessary in required subjects for early admission to most programs.

Is Dalhousie an Ivy League school?

List of the Top Ivy League Schools and Universities in Canada. Dalhousie University. University of Saskatchewan. The University of Waterloo.

Which University is better Carleton or Dalhousie?

Times Higher Ed (UK based) ranks Dalhousie in 251–300 (of world), Manitoba 401–500, and both Carleton and Memorial in 501–600; TopUniversities ranks Dal 279, Man 551–600, Carleton 651–700, Memorial 701–750. The relative ranks have been pretty consistent. Dal has a significant reputation advantage.

Is a MIS degree worth it?

Is a Management Information Systems Degree Worth It? Yes, a management information systems degree is worth it for many students. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 11% job growth in computer and information technology occupations for the next 10 years, much faster than the average for all occupations.

How long is MIS program?

What is an MIS Course All About?

Course Name Masters in Information Systems
Entrance Exam GMAT, CAT
MIS Duration 1 – 2 years
Eligbilty Bachelor degree from recognized institution in first divison
Course Level Post Graduate

What GPA do you need for Dalhousie?

Minimum grade point average of 3.0 (B average) in the last 60 credit hours of study.