What is considered a considerable amount of time?

What is considered a considerable amount of time?

Use the adjective considerable to describe something that is large in amount. Things you probably spend a considerable amount of time on: homework and laundry. Things you’d rather spend time on: anything that isn’t homework and laundry!

What does considerable amount mean?

great in amount or
Considerable means great in amount or degree. [formal]

What does a significant amount of time mean?

Significant amount of time means someone who is on the premises for more than one hour per day during hours of care. Sample 1.

How do you use considerable in a sentence?

Considerable sentence example

  1. His note pad was ever present and he spent a considerable amount of time on the phone.
  2. She has made considerable progress in the study of arithmetic.
  3. I also gave considerable time to the improvement of my speech.

Is Considerability a word?

noun The quality of being -worthy of consideration; capacity of being considered.

What type of word is considerably?

CONSIDERABLY (adverb) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

What is considerable in English?

adjective. rather large or great in size, distance, extent, etc.: It cost a considerable amount. We took a considerable length of time to decide. worthy of respect, attention, etc.; important; distinguished: a considerable person. noun.

Is considerable a synonym of significant?

In this page you can discover 52 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for considerable, like: significant, substantial, much, essential, noteworthy, plentiful, several, little, unnoticeable, and abundant.

What’s the meaning of goodly?

Definition of goodly 1 : pleasantly attractive. 2 : significantly large : considerable a goodly number.

What word can I use instead of considerable?

What is this word considerable?

1 : worth consideration : significant a considerable artist. 2 : large in extent or degree a considerable number She was in considerable pain.

How much is significant amount?

Generally, a p-value of 5% or lower is considered statistically significant.