What is Civic Mugen RR?

What is Civic Mugen RR?

The MUGEN RR is a special model that has been further refined to the ultimate FF sports performance by further refining the performance of the Civic Type R base vehicle with the goal of improving engine performance, aerodynamic performance, and kinetic performance.

How many Civic Mugen RR were made?

300 Mugen RRs
Just 300 Mugen RRs were made, and this particular example is No. 24. It spent most of its life in Japan where it accumulated just over 52,000km since new, and has only been driven 440km since it arrived in the U.K., but we expect the new owner will be hard-pushed to keep it in storage.

Is Mugen RR rare?

The Mugen RR is based on the FD2 Type R, which never made it to the U.S. market. According to The Drive, only 300 of these cars ever left the factory, effectively making it one of the rarest cars sold.

Is a Mugen RR a Type R?

Ultra-Rare Honda Civic Type R Mugen RR Costs Nearly $130,000 That’s because it isn’t any ordinary red-badged Civic sedan. It’s a Civic Type R Mugen RR – one of the only 300 examples ever made in for the Japanese market and now for sale on Torque GT.

Is fd2r a JDM?

The Japanese market Civic Type R (FD2) went on sale on 30 March 2007. For the first time, the JDM Civic Type R was sold as a four-door sedan, rather than a three-door hatchback. The FD2 Type R was bigger, wider and heavier than the EP3 Type R.

Is Mugen a JDM?

Mugen Motorsports (無限), legally known as M-TEC Company, Ltd., is a Japanese company formed in 1973 by Hirotoshi Honda, the son of Honda Motor Company founder Soichiro Honda, and Masao Kimura….Formula One.

Formula One World Championship career
Fastest laps 0

How fast is the Mugen RR?

Top speed:
(theor. without speed governor) 242 km/h / 150 mph

Is a civic a JDM?

Since Japan is in Asia and the Civic FD is also produced in Japan, it classifies as a JDM, as it is a part of the Japanese Domestic Market. The other versions of the eight-generation Civic are not considered JDM, as they are meant for other markets.

How much is a Mugen Si?

Honda is shipping only 1000 Mugen Si sedans a year here, so the car will be exclusive. The price will ensure that, too: $30,135, a premium of $8190 over a base Si sedan. We suspect most Honda tuners will think they can do a similar job for less money—and the merely rational will buy a Mitsu Evo or Subaru STI.

Is Civic a JDM?