What is c9 Hai doing?

What is c9 Hai doing?

Hai announced that he is now a Chief Gaming Officer of Cloud9. He was replaced on the roster by Nicolaj “Incarnation” Jensen. Hai became a temporary substitute for Cloud9 Tempest in June.

Is Hai part owner of c9?

Hai “Hai” Du Lam is a League of Legends esports player, currently owner of Radiance. He was previously the mid laner for Cloud9, with whom he won two NA LCS splits and went to Worlds three times.

How old is hai?

29 years (September 20, 1992)Hai / Age

Does LemonNation still play?

LemonNation retires and moves to coach.

Who is Max Waldo?

Maxwell Alexander “Max Waldo” Waldo is a League of Legends esports player, currently head coach for Cloud9. He was previously known as kaizen and Max.

How did Cloud9 get their name?

In September, 1896, cumulonimbus, the greatest cloud in the world, was listed as Cloud 9 in a new cloud classification, and so to be on cloud nine became like floating on the tallest cloud on Earth. The story began with Sir Ralph Abercromby, who became fascinated by meteorology while serving in the British Army.

How old is Hailee Steinfeld?

25 years (December 11, 1996)Hailee Steinfeld / Age

Does balls still play league?

An “BalIs” Van Le is a retired League of Legends esports player, previously top laner for FlyQuest.

Who is the oldest lol pro player?

LemonNation (Daerek Hart) is currently the oldest League of Legends player with a verified birthday. He is best-known for being a support player on the Cloud9 team.

What is a C9 chord called?

C9 chord (also called Dominant 9th chord) for piano presented by keyboard diagrams. Explanation: The C ninth is a five-note chord. Due to practical circumstances, however, the fifth (G) is often omitted and/or the chord is played inverted.

What happened to Hai on Cloud9 in 2016?

For the 2016 season, Cloud9 added two new players – Rush and Bunny FuFuu – and moved Hai to support, with the intention of splitting time with Bunny. However, after two losses with Bunny and two wins with Hai in the spring split, they committed to starting Hai fulltime and rose to a 67% winrate, with a third-place seed in the playoffs.

What happened to C9 July 3rd?

C9 July 3, Hai (Chief Gaming Officer to Jungle) changes position. Meteos moves to substitute. C9 Rush joins. Bunny FuFuu joins as substitute.

What happened to Hai from FlyQuest?

Hai left FlyQuest in November and in December he would join the newly formed Golden Guardians . Despite Hai’s reputation as a leader and shotcaller, Golden Guardians were predicted to be one of the weakest teams in the Spring Split, in part due to being the only team to have a roster solely consisting of North American players.