What is brand size in blouse?

What is brand size in blouse?


Size Brand Size Waist
M 36 30″
L 38 32″
XL 40 34.5″
XXL 42 36.5″

Which Colour is suitable for golden blouse?

A good way to bring in some colors in your regular golden saree blouse is using gold brocade work on it. Just like minakari work in gold jewellery, multi-colored brocade designs look very beautiful on golden surfaces. In this picture, the blouse has a unique boat neck, brocade work at the back and green piping detail.

What are the measurements of M size?

Size Chart

Medium (M)
Chest: Inches 38-40
Centimetres 96-102
Waist: Inches 30-32
Centimetres 76-82

What is normal blouse length?

This depends on your body type and the overall look you want to get. But typically your blouse should be 1-2 inches below your bust area. The high-neck blouse is usually around 14-15 inches long, while the low neck can vary from 10 to 14 inches to the waistline. Sleeve length is usually from 10 to 20 inches on average.

What is the standard length of a blouse?

Which blouse is best for saree?

Best Saree Blouse Designs for Women

  • Embroidered Blouse: The embroidered blouse is ideal for those who wish to make their saree stand out.
  • Cotton/Linen Blouse: This simple blouse pattern looks great with plain or printed handloom sarees.

What Colour blouse goes with golden saree?

A golden colored saree and a simple casual white blouse can create magic. This is more of a traditional – modern look.

Which size is big M or L?

“M” (medium), “L” (large), “XL” (extra large), “XXL” (extra extra large).