What is assured return in real estate?

What is assured return in real estate?

In simple words, Assured Return an interest or return on money invested by an investor at an agreed rate. Assured Return also has the concept of capital appreciation involved. Capital appreciation simply means the rise in the value of an asset based on the rise in market price.

What is assured rental income?

Assured rental income only upto Completion / Possession & First Lease Guarantee. You are paid guaranteed rental income only until completion and post that, builder will take responsibility to bring a tenant who will pay you rental income from then on – usually in the range of 6% to 8% at most.

What is the meaning of assured return?

Assured returns mean that in all likelihood you will get the promised return. It could be in various forms, such as interest payout on a loan. The loan could be in the form of a bond or any other security.

Is assured return legal?

a. Technically these assured returns are not legal as RBI to has stated in circular in 2018 that such returns should not be offered.

How can I generate rental income in India?

Finding a long-term tenant may be the most clichéd way to increase your rental income, but it is still the most efficient way to increase your rent. Offering a price incentive based on duration is the most effective way to focus on long-term tenants.

How is rental income taxed Kenya?

What is the monthly rental income tax? This is a tax on gross residential rental income between 288,000 (ksh. 24,000 per month) and 15,000,000 per annum and the tax is 10% on gross rent payable monthly on rent received.

What is difference between guaranteed and assured?

As nouns the difference between assurance and guarantee is that assurance is the act of assuring; a declaration tending to inspire full confidence; that which is designed to give confidence while guarantee is anything that assures a certain outcome.

How can I get high on rent?

Charge lower deposit: One way to get higher rent is by charging lower deposit. In cities like Mumbai and Chennai, the deposit rates are up to six months of the monthly rent. However, if you temper your expectations and are flexible at a time when several people are facing a cash crunch, you may find more takers.

How much rent we can receive in cash?

You can pay deposit and rent in cash provided rent payment does not exceed 20000/- if you are using premises for business purpose and claiming expenses. If you use premise for residential purpose then no such limit for rent paid. 30 June 2016 Landlord is receiving deposit thus he may be liable.

How much tax do you pay rental income?

You pay tax on your rental income at a rate of 20% Your pay tax on your rental income at a rate of 40% or above.