What is another word for unpleasant situation?

What is another word for unpleasant situation?

What is another word for unpleasant situation?

bad trip bad scene
bummer bum trip
disaster downer
drag freak-out
psychedelic crisis unhappy situation

What is another word for difficult situations?

What is another word for difficult situation?

predicament dilemma
trouble quagmire
muddle problem
crisis conundrum
strait complication

What is a word for an uncomfortable situation?

nounbad or embarrassing situation. awkward situation. corner. difficulty. dilemma.

What is another word for bad events?

1 mischance, misfortune, misadventure, mishap, accident, blow, reverse, adversity, affliction.

What is an unpleasant situation?

Something unpleasant is disagreeable, painful, or annoying in some way. No one likes unpleasant experiences. Since pleasant things are enjoyable in some way, unpleasant things are hard to enjoy.

What word means very unpleasant and objectionable?

Definition of obnoxious 1 : odiously or disgustingly objectionable : highly offensive. 2 archaic : exposed to something unpleasant or harmful —used with to.

What is unpleasant situation?

adjective. not pleasant; displeasing; disagreeable; offensive: an unpleasant taste; an unpleasant situation; an unpleasant manner. QUIZ YOURSELF ON HAS VS. HAVE!

How do you describe a bad situation?

Words used to describe difficult situations – thesaurus

  1. stormy. adjective. involving a lot of anger or arguments.
  2. acrimonious. adjective.
  3. uneasy. adjective.
  4. one thing after another. phrase.
  5. in the wrong place at the wrong time. phrase.
  6. trouble is brewing (for) phrase.
  7. (in) for it. phrase.
  8. it’s not someone’s day. phrase.

Which is the closest synonym for the word unsettling?

Synonyms & Antonyms of unsettling

  • discomforting,
  • discomposing,
  • disquieting,
  • distressing,
  • disturbing,
  • nagging,
  • nasty,
  • perturbing,

What is a word for something that makes you uncomfortable?

verbirritate; cause pain. discomfit. discompose. disquiet. distress.

How would you describe a bad event?

Adjectives to describe disasters include disastrous, tragic and catastrophic. We also talk about the devastating effects/consequences of bad events: They made the disastrous decision to shoot.

What makes an event or a phenomenon disastrous?

Disasters are serious disruptions to the functioning of a community that exceed its capacity to cope using its own resources. Disasters can be caused by natural, man-made and technological hazards, as well as various factors that influence the exposure and vulnerability of a community.