What is a TR34?

What is a TR34?

TR34 is, in its basic definition, a technical record produced by The Concrete Society. TR34 is intended to give comprehensive guidance on the design, construction and maintenance of a floor.

What is fm2 flooring?

FM-2 CATEGORY FLOOR Typical floor use- Building containing wide aisle racking with stacking or racking over 8-m high, free movement areas and transfer areas.

What is FM1 floor?

FM1. TR34 4th Edition. Where very high levels of flatness and levelness are required, sometimes called a ‘superflat floor’. Used where forklift trucks are lifting over 13 meters high, also where high accuracy scientific equipment is used.

What is FM floor?

Floors are divided into Free Movement Areas (FM) and Defined Movement Areas (DM). The FM criteria are where trucks operate at a low level when moving, such as marshaling areas, block stacking areas, and aisles greater than 2.8m wide.

What is free movement flooring?

Free movement floors refer to areas where materials handling equipment operates in random, non-defined directions and have an infinite number of travel paths.

What is VDF concrete?

The vacuum dewatering concrete flooring, also known as VDF System is suitable for high abrasion and heavy traffic movement. It is preferably used in making concrete roads, railway platforms, industrial floors, bridges, RCC Roads, Pre-cast Concrete Products etc.

What is Trimix flooring?

Tremix System also known as Dewatering System is used in making Industrial Floors, Concrete Roads, Runways, Railways Platforms, Warehouse container Yards, Canal Lining, Pathways, Bridges, RCC Roads, etc. The Tremix process gives the below properties to concrete: » Higher Compressive Strengths. » Faster Initial Strength.

What is laser screed flooring?

A laser screed is a machine used to both level and vibrate concrete used in floors. The method is typically used in large floor pours, such as retail or warehouse structures. A laser-emitting device is placed on a static location outside the pour.

How does a laser screed work?

Laser Screed technology produces slab-on-grade concrete floors that are flatter and stronger than any comparative floors produced by using conventional methods. They establish grade by laser, utilizing a 3D Profiler System, disperse concrete by auger, and then vibrate and consolidate the concrete.

What is SR1 level?

SR1 is the highest standard, SR2 is medium standard and SR3 being the low or utility standard. Television studios are a great example of an environment where a high level of surface regularity is required, variations in level would cause issues.

How flat should a concrete floor be?

Classifying Concrete Floors Based on Flatness and Levelness

Moderately Flat 25 20
Flat 35 25
Very Flat 45 35
Super Flat 60 40