What is a smash play in football?

What is a smash play in football?

Unlike many other passing routes, the Smash route involves more than one player. It’s a combination of two routes run by two separate players lined up on the same side of the field, close to one another. In this sense, the Smash route is more of a concept than it is a simple route.

What is a smash play?

The Smash Concept is a zone coverage beater and is one of the most popular concepts to attack Cover 2 or Cover 4. The concept creates a vertical stretch on the flat defender and can attack the middle of the field with supplementary routes if the Smash concept itself is covered.

What is a dagger route?

The dagger concept is a passing game route combination commonly used in college and NFL playbooks. Dagger is a 3-man combination involving a vertical route from the slot receiver, a drag from the weak side for a horizontal stretch, and a 15-yard deep dig or square-in from the primary receiver.

What is a football hitch?

Hitch (0 route): Our zero (0) route route is known as the hitch (or quick hitch), “stop”, or “comeback” route. As designed, the hitch is a route in which the receiver runs five yards. At five yards, the receiver breaks down and comes back towards the QB at a 45 degree angle.

What is a stick concept in football?

The Stick concept is incredibly popular across the NFL. Stick is a three receiver route concept that stretches the defense horizontally and gets the ball out of the quarterbacks hands quickly.

What is a stick concept?

The Stick Concept is a high percentage throw that minimizes how long lineman must protect. It can also be run as a part of a packaged play. In its most basic form, the Stick Concept is a three man scheme with a vertical stretch, a horizontal stretch, and the Stick route.

What is a dig route?

The dig route is one of the basic pass routes in football. On this pattern, the receiver starts downfield on a vertical stem, before breaking across the middle of the field at a 90 degree angle, typically 12-15 yards downfield.

Where is the seam in football?

The seam in football refers to the area down the field straight out from either side of the formation. In other words, if a player on the end of the formation runs in a straight line down the field he will run through the seam. The seam is usually a spot on the field between coverages.

What is a 9 route in football?

Route 9 – Fly Also a “go” route, that is exactly what this route is, run as fast as you can deep and try to get some separation from the defender. Quarterbacks can also use the back-shoulder throw here, allowing for a receiver to turn back to the ball as the defender runs past him.

What is a 0 route in football?