What is a Line 6 amp?

What is a Line 6 amp?

Line 6 is a musical instrument and audio equipment manufacturer. Their product lines include electric and acoustic guitars, basses, guitar and bass amplifiers, effects units, USB audio interfaces and guitar/bass wireless systems. The company was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Calabasas, California.

How do I connect Line 6 Spider V to my computer?

Connect your device to the appropriate USB connector on the back of the Spider V. Slide the “SELECT” switch to the USB port labeled “Mac/PC/Android”. Turn on your Spider amp. Your Android device will present a dialog, which asks if you want to give Spider Remote permission to use your Spider Amp.

How do you use a 6 amp tuner?

To activate the tuner press and hold the TAP button for a few seconds. If the low E string on the guitar is more than 6 cents flat, the far left LED (Clean) will flash. Tune the low E string by raising the pitch until the two center LED’s (Crunch and Metal amp models) are lit.