What is a good score on the InView test?

What is a good score on the InView test?

4 to 6 are considered average. 7 to 9 are considered above average. Anticipated National Percentile scores (ANP) are determined based on the results of the InView test, coupled with a student’s age and grade level.

Is the InView test an IQ test?

The InView acts like an IQ test, measuring a student’s ability to use information and apply it in new and different ways, evaluating how a student analyzes and employs higher-order thinking skills (including verbal reasoning, sequences, analogies and quantitative reasoning), and measuring a student’s cognitive …

Is CogAT the same as InView?

While many of the placement tests such as the SCAT, CogAT, OLSAT tests are computerized, the Inview test is a paper and pencil test.

How do you read InView results?

In short, the InView (ability) scores indicate the potential the student has for learning certain concepts. The average score is 100 and your son scored 120, which is above average. The National Percentile (NP) score is a score that ranks test performances from 1 to 99.

What is the average CSI score?

The CSI scale has a mean (average) score of 100 with a Standard Deviation of 16; the “average range” is from 84 to 116. The CSI range indicates that if the student had taken the test numerous times, two- thirds of the scores would have fallen within the range shown.

What is CSI on the Terra Nova test?

TerraNova InView Test Scores You will also receive a CSI (Cognitive Skills Index) that provides a measurement of your child’s overall academic aptitude, based on the cognitive skills assessed with this test. The CSI has a ceiling of 141, a mean of 100, and a standard deviation of 16.

What is a InView?

InView test is a nationally normed aptitude test that assesses the cognitive abilities of the students by reflecting the strengths of a student and his/her hidden skills along with paving a path for new opportunities.

What percentile is considered gifted?

98th percentile
Students who score from the 25th to the 75th percentile rank are considered to be in the “average” range. Students who score at the 98th percentile rank qualify for Gifted and Talented services.

What is a good score on the Terra Nova test?

Scale Scores range in value from approximately 100 to 900. percentile in Reading scored at or above the score of 65 percent of students nationwide in Reading. National Percentiles of 25 to 75 are considered to be in the average range.

Is a CSI score an IQ score?

The test gave a CSI score (an intelligence Index) and it states the norm is 100 and most score between 84-116. The SD is 16. He scored a 141 in a given range of (124-141) based on age and ability.