What is a good Italian name for a girl?

What is a good Italian name for a girl?

Mot popular Italian baby names for girls in 2020

  • Sofia.
  • Giulia.
  • Aurora.
  • Alice.
  • Ginevra.
  • Emma.
  • Giorgia.
  • Greta.

What is the most Italian girl name?

Most common names among female babies born in Italy in 2019

Characteristic Number of female babies
Vittoria 2,713
Anna 2,674
Martina 2,591
Chiara 2,547

What is the most beautiful name in Italy?

Beautiful, Feminine Italian Names

Abriana Adelina Alessia
Amara Amidala Analia
Andrea Angela/Angelina/Angelica Annabella
Antonella Aria Ariana/Aryanna
Avena Barbarella Beronia

What Italian girl name means strong?

Beautiful Italian Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Name Meaning
Valentina This word originates in the Latin language and means “strong”. The notable name bearer of Valentina is the first woman to land up in the space, Valentina Tereshkova.
Venetia It is an Italian word, and it is the name of an area in northeast Italy.

What name means beauty in Italian?

Bella– The name means “beautiful” or “pretty.”

What is Italian word for baby girl?

Mimmo is the shorter, sweeter, and very Tuscan phonetic equivalent to bambino (bahm-BEE-noh), the Italian word for “child” or “baby.”

What name means love in Italian?

It doesn’t get more romantic than this: “Amore” is the Italian word for love. Why not name your little one after the City of Love? It’s a unique, gender-neutral name sure to please Francophile parents.

What are some hot girl names?

These are the 100 sexiest girl’s names, according to those in the know.

  1. Adele. Adele is a German name meaning “Noble.”
  2. Adriana. Adriana is an Italian name.
  3. Alessandra. The Italian name Alessandra means “Defender of man.”
  4. Amber. Amber is an English name for a gemstone.
  5. Anais.
  6. Aria.
  7. Ashley.
  8. Bea.