What is a Fuze Meeting?

What is a Fuze Meeting?

Fuze would be my go-to tool for any business, whether 5 employees or 50,000 employees. They unite all your users on a common communication platform that has chat, voice, and video, desktop sharing, voicemail, call flow features, advanced call routing, queueing, and distribution.

Who is Fuze owned by?

Under the terms of the agreement, 8×8 will acquire Fuze for approximately $250 million in stock and cash, subject to certain adjustments.

Is Fuze a private company?

Fuze (formerly known as ThinkingPhones) is a cloud communications and collaboration software platform designed for the enterprise. The company is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts….Fuze (company)

Type Private
Website fuze.com

How many customers does Fuze have?

With roughly 300 enterprise customers and over 400,000 total paid business users, Fuze increases our global scale and accelerates our ability to deliver innovation to enterprises looking for unified communications and contact center solutions.

What does Fuze stand for?

/ fyuz / PHONETIC RESPELLING. 💼 Post-College Level. noun. a mechanical or electronic device to detonate an explosive charge, especially as contained in an artillery shell, a missile, projectile, or the like. fuse1 (def.

What does a Fuze do?

Description. A fuze is a device that detonates a munition’s explosive material under specified conditions. In addition, a fuze will have safety and arming mechanisms that protect users from premature or accidental detonation.

Who is 8×8 owned by?

8×8 Inc. is an American provider of Voice over IP products….8×8.

Type Public
Key people David Sipes (CEO) Jaswinder Pal Singh (Chairman)
Products Cloud Communications Unified Communications Contact Centers Communication Platforms as a Service (CPaaS)
Brands Jitsi
Revenue USD$601.48 million (2021)

What is Fuze worth?

Since being recognized on the list, “Fuze has quickly become a leader in its space and is most recognized for transforming user experience by unifying various communications tools onto a single, well-designed platform and delivering insights to business leaders.” The company’s valuation is $1.4+ billion.

How much does Fuze cost?

$15.00 per month
Fuze pricing starts at $15.00 per month. They do not have a free version. Fuze does not offer a free trial.

How does a fuze work?

A fuse is a simple and highly effective way to protect a device from dangerous levels of current: Current flowing through a conductor’s nonzero resistance leads to power dissipation. Power is dissipated in the form of heat. Heat raises the temperature of the conductor.

What is the function of fuze?

A fuze is a device that initiates an explosive function in a munition, most commonly causing it to detonate or release its contents, when its activation conditions are met.