What is a Flam djembe?

What is a Flam djembe?

A flam is musical term used to describe two notes played in quick succession (almost simultaneously). It is ​a technique often used to embellish a part of the song because it creates a​n accent in the music. On the djembe it is played with two hands, one hitting the drum slightly before the other.

What are the three main sounds on djembe?

There are three main sounds that can be played on a djembe: bass, tone and slap. The bass sound (low-pitched) is achieved by striking the drum in the middle of the skin with a heavy hand.

What is a djembe Fola?

A goblet-shaped hand drum of West African origin. [French djembé, from Mande jenbe.]

What is bass on a djembe?

BASS. The bass is the most simple and easy to master and is played in the centre of the djembe with the full flat of the palm and relaxed hand. You are using the hollowed out space of the drum shell to create the bass sound.

Where is the Cajon from originally and where is it usually played now?

Origins and evolution Slaves of west and central African origin in the Americas are considered to be the source of the cajón drum. Currently, the instrument is common in musical performance throughout some of the Americas and Spain. The cajón was developed during the periods of slavery in coastal Peru.

What is flam note?

A flam (or flam accent) is a drum rudiment wherein a drummer strikes a grace note just a split second before striking the primary stroke. Drummers use flams to thicken the sound of notes they play, producing a longer note than they could with a single stroke.

What is the role of the master drummer?

The master drummer has the most elaborate part, leading the drum ensemble and playing solos. The leader directs the drummers with musical cues in the form of rhythm patterns. The leader will also give cues to dancers to signal changes of tempo or dance moves.

How are djembes made?

It is made of a hollow wood body, with skin fastened over the top. The skin is traditionally rawhide, such as goat or cow skin. Modern djembes often use synthetic skins. The skin is tightly stretched over the shell using metal rings and rope.

What are slit drums made of?

A slit drum or slit gong is a hollow percussion instrument. In spite of the name, it is not a true drum but an idiophone, usually carved or constructed from bamboo or wood into a box with one or more slits in the top.