What is a cocktail strainer called?

What is a cocktail strainer called?

Traditionally, the julep strainer is used when straining a cocktail from a mixing glass, and the Hawthorne when straining from a mixing tin. The reason is simple: The julep strainer fits a mixing glass better than a Hawthorne does, and the Hawthorne’s a better fit than a julep when using a tin.

Do you need a cocktail strainer?

When it comes to essential cocktail-making tools, a high-quality drink strainer is a must-have. The ultimate cocktail is smooth and glides down the throat easily. Without a strainer, guests may find themselves swallowing small pieces of fruit or ice shards.

How many types of cocktail strainers are there?

3 different strainers
There are 3 different strainers: the Hawthorne, the Julep, and a fine mesh strainer. The Hawthorne is the most common strainer you’ll see behind the bar.

Do I need a Hawthorne strainer?

If you are not using a Cobbler Shaker (which has a Hawthorne strainer built into the top portion of the set), you will need to use a Hawthorne Strainer. A Hawthorne strainer has tightly wound coils and perforated holes to keep ice and other large ingredients in the tins.

What are the springs on a cocktail strainer for?

Fixed around the edge of the rim, the Hawthorne cocktail strainer’s metal spring rolls inward to fit inside the glass. Another purpose of this spring is to trap large chunks of ice and other solid ingredients like muddled fruit or mint leaves.

Why is it called a Hawthorne strainer?

Unlike so many other popular bar tools, the strainer took its name from neither its inventor—William Wright—nor a company. Rather, the mounted coil strainer takes its name from the erstwhile Boston bar, The Hawthorne Café.

What do you use a Hawthorne strainer for?

The Hawthorne strainer is – pretty obviously – used for straining cocktails. More specifically it is used for fine straining shaken cocktail which will have shards of ice in them. The Hawthorne strainer is used in the dispensing of many a classic and modern classic cocktail, and almost all cocktail served “up”.

What does straining a cocktail do?

The goal of straining a cocktail is to remove various items before serving. It can be used to remove ice from a shaken drink, or to remove broken leaves or fruit from a muddled cocktail.

What is the spring for on a cocktail strainer?