What is a central indicator light?

What is a central indicator light?

Central Indicator Light: A triangle with an exclamation mark in the middle is the central indicator light. When this light turns on, check the instrument cluster display for more information.

What does a yellow light mean on an instrument panel?

Orange or yellow dashboard lights remind you that something needs to be serviced soon, like an oil change, or that something is wrong with your emissions system. While not an emergency, you should have a repair person look at the problem as soon as possible.

How many dashboard lights are there?

There are well over 100 different dashboard warning lights in use by car manufacturers. While there are lights for every conceivable system and situation, the lights can be broken down into five broad categories: engine, brakes, safety, lights and stability & traction control.

What does (!) Mean in car?

Low Tire Pressure Modern cars come with tire pressure monitoring systems and the little exclamation point inside of a half-circle merely means one or more of your tires have low pressure. If you see this sign don’t freak out. Instead, find a safe place to stop and inspect your tires.

What does it mean when all the lights on your dashboard come on?

When all your dashboard lights turn on at once, it is most commonly indicative of an issue with the alternator or the charging system. If possible, try to minimize driving long distances. A potential problem with the alternator could mean that your car could lose power unexpectedly while driving.

What does the cruise control symbol look like?

Typically, the controls required to operate it are grouped on one of the car’s indicator stalks or on the steering wheel. To switch it on, you’ll often need to press a button marked with the symbol for cruise control: a speedometer symbol with an arrow pointing to a set speed (seen on the stalk below).

What is the A with a circle around it Audi?

Common Audi A4 Warning Lights Brake System Warning Light: This light, which is shaped like a circle with an exclamation point inside, will light up if the parking brake is engaged or if your brake system is faulty.

What does yellow triangle on dashboard mean?

This warning light serves as an icon for your Honda vehicle’s Vehicle Stability Assist system and indicates that there is something wrong with the system itself. The Vehicle Stability Assist system helps to stabilize your Honda while cornering in the event your ride turns a little more or less than desired.

What does the change oil light look like?

The oil light, or oil pressure light that typically looks like a bright red light that says “OIL” only comes on when there has been a drastic drop in oil pressure or low oil level to a point that needs immediate attention, and it is essential to respond quickly if the light does happen to come on.