What happens with Quinn and Carrie?

What happens with Quinn and Carrie?

Quinn and Carrie work together to rescue President-elect Keane from an assassination plot, but that becomes their last mission together. Quinn is heart-breakingly killed by several bullets while driving their getaway vehicle.

Does Carrie and Quinn ever get together?

Even Quinn’s actual romance with Carrie played out well, much to Friend’s credit. After a fight in the writers’ room over whether or not it should even happen, fans remained fervently split over the the couple known as “Quarrie” to the end.

Do Quinn and Carrie get together in season 6?

There’s no “relationship.” But the idea is Quinn was preyed on not just by Dar but by cronies of Dar.

Does Carrie end up with Yevgeny?

So the idea that we left Carrie in a place where she belongs, which is being a spy, was satisfying to her as an actor. TVLINE | Speaking of Yevgeny, Carrie ends up in a long-term romantic relationship with him and they are living together in Moscow as she begins passing intel to Saul.

How does Homeland end?

“Homeland” ends with Carrie working as a secret spy — shades of Sgt. Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis) in the first season — and taking the place of Saul’s Russian asset, whose death Carrie helped cause. This ending raises all sorts of questions.

Did Quinn and Carrie kiss?

After months of not noticing or realizing that they were perfect for each other Carrie and Quinn finally kissed on the Homeland Season 4 finale.

Does Carrie betray Saul?

The effect of that all happening was, Carrie was able to avert a war from happening, but the relationship with Saul was severed. In other words, let me be clear, Carrie really did betray Saul, really did betray her country, really did affect the death of a very important American asset in Moscow.

Does Carrie lose custody of Franny?

Clarity Carrie negotiates to reclaim custody of Franny and moves with her to Maggie’s house after leaving her job at the White House.