What happened to Tall Trees in Yarm?

What happened to Tall Trees in Yarm?

A fire has torn through the site of the former Tall Trees nightclub . The popular haunt in Yarm, Teesside, closed down in 2010 and the space was converted into a new housing development. The fire started at the unoccupied property, which is under construction on the Avant Homes development, at around 10.20pm on Sunday.

Who owned Tall Trees nightclub?

Owner Javid Majid released a statement saying that the style of the three star hotel, which is a poular wedding venue, is no longer compatible with today’s tastes.

Is Tall Trees Newquay still open?

The infamous Tall Trees, Newquay is back, but like you’ve never seen it before. as we enter back into normality we’re proud to introduce the Tall Trees Cabaret Bar which will host a plethora if family friendly entertainment.

When did Tall Trees nightclub open?

The club, located on Tolcarne Road, is one of the oldest venues in the town and has operated for more than 50 years. For more than a decade, starting in the early ’80s, Tall Trees enjoyed unparalleled success as the number one nightclub destination in Newquay, and one of the best in the South West.

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When did Tall Trees Yarm close?

Tall Trees was originally a country residence which was converted into a small hotel in the 1960s. By the time it closed it was a 120-bed hotel and a well-known wedding venue. The nightclub closed in 2010.

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