What happened to Shindong Super Junior?

What happened to Shindong Super Junior?

Super Junior’s Shindong has gone into self-quarantine after testing positive for COVID-19. On November 12, Super Junior’s agency Label SJ officially confirmed, “On November 11, Shindong’s COVID-19 test results came back positive, and he is currently in self-quarantine.”

When did Shindong join SuJu?

Shindong became a trainee in 2004. Ryeowook won the 2004 Chin Chin Youth Festival singing competition and became a trainee just two months before debut in 2005. Kyuhyun then joined the group in 2006, after winning third place in the 2005 Chin Chin Youth Festival.

Did Shindong get married?

In an interview, Shindong also acknowledged that people believe that the ‘House Party’ crooner is married and has children. However, the singer just has a former relationship where his engagement was called off due to pressures of being in the public eye.

How did Shindong got into SM?

From Shindong’s account, he said that he performed at a competition on stage where he got the chance to showcase his dancing. He did a good job and was recruited by someone from SM entertainment.

Why did Shindong get fat?

The K-pop boybander is determined to get back in shape, and aims to lose 40kg to attain his ideal weight of 75kg. He admitted that he’s piled on the pounds due to health issues, as well as his love for barbecued and fried food.

When did kyuhyun join Super Junior?

2006–2009: Career beginnings. Kyuhyun officially made his debut in 2006 as a new member of Super Junior (formerly Super Junior 05, the first generation of SM Entertainment’s 12-member rotational boy band).

Who is the fat guy in Super Junior?

Jasmine Teo. Shindong’s sudden weight gain has been under scrutiny, as Super Junior is out and about promoting their latest album, Time Slip. The 34-year-old K-popster now tips the scales at 116kg, and is apparently at his heaviest right now, leaving fans worried for his health.

Who is the visual of SuJu?


Name Position(s) Year(s) active
Shindong (신동) Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper 2005–present
Eunhyuk (은혁) Main Rapper, Main Dancer, Sub Vocalist 2005–present
Siwon (시원) Sub Vocalist, Visual, Center 2005–present
Donghae (동해) Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Sub Rapper 2005–present

Who is the maknae of SuJu?


Name Position(s) Year(s) active
Ryeowook (려욱) Main Vocalist 2005–present
Kyuhyun (규현) Main Vocalist, Maknae 2006–present
Sungmin (성민) Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Visual 2005–present