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What fuel does MSR Dragonfly use?

What fuel does MSR Dragonfly use?

Though the Dragonfly works best with white gas, it can burn other fuels in a pinch, including diesel and kerosene. The control valve, which lives on the burner, is long and a good distance away from the flame, so there’s low risk of burning your fingertips.

What fuel do MSR stoves use?

MSR IsoPro™ fuel
MSR recommends only using MSR IsoPro™ fuel with our stoves—because our stoves are specifically designed and tuned for it and thus will perform better. However, if MSR fuel is not available, any canister with an 80% isobutane / 20% propane fuel mix and certified to EN 417 should work.

Can you use gasoline in a MSR stove?

Almost any pressurized-type liquid fuel stove will run well on white gas. MSR offers a unique blend of white gas called SuperFuel. It is more refined and burns cleaner than almost any other white gas on the market. It is free of additives and so reduces fuel line clogs and other stove maintenance.

Is the MSR Dragonfly discontinued?

P.S. As far as I know the Dragonfly has not been discontinued. The Rapidfire, Firefly and Simmerlite have definitely been discontinued, but to my knowledge, MSR has no immediate plans to scrap the XGK, WhisperLite, or Dragonfly.

How does MSR DragonFly stove work?

Our award-winning DragonFly™ stove has a fully adjustable flame, which makes simmering a breeze. However, with other MSR liquid fuel stoves, the most efficient way is to run the stove with extremely low pressure in the fuel bottle. A couple of pump strokes in a half-full bottle are optimal.

Are white gas and kerosene the same?

Kerosene will burn a lot dirtier than white fuel, since white fuel is pretty much ultra purified gasoline. You may experience more clogs and more soot. Also kerosene has less heat output than white fuel so you’ll be cooking longer with it (that might outweigh the benefit of a longer burn time).

Is isobutane better than butane?

Technically considered to be an isomer of butane, isobutane is the fuel of choice for many campers. It has an identical molecular structure to butane, but it is slightly more efficient when used as a cooking fuel in colder temperatures.

Is white gas the same as gasoline?

White gas is basically the first distillation of gasoline. It has no additives. Unleaded gasoline has additives including octane. Either will work in the lantern.

What is Shellite fuel?

Diggers Shellite is a flammable hydrocarbon solvent used primarily as lighter fuel. (Also known as Recosol R55). It is commonly used as a lighter fuel, for metal cleaning or cleaning surfaces prior to painting and as fuel for Shellite stoves, torches and lanterns.

What burns hotter kerosene or white gas?