What floor is the Foundation Room at Mandalay Bay?

What floor is the Foundation Room at Mandalay Bay?

63rd floor
The Foundation Room sets high above Mandalay Bay on the 63rd floor! It is comprised of a gorgeous Dining Room including two intimate rooms within, and the attached Mandalay Patio, the Member’s Lounge with three small intimate prayer rooms and attached Sunrise Patio, and the Shangri-La.

How much does it cost to get into the Foundation Room at Mandalay Bay?

How much is cover charge at Foundation Room? General admission starts at $20 for men and women and can increase on holiday weekends.

Is there a dress code for the Foundation Room Mandalay Bay?

Sixty-three stories high inside Mandalay Bay, Foundation Room captures the splendors of a sophisticated night out. Attire: Fashionable attire is encouraged with the exception of shorts, sandals, hats, T-shirts, sweatshirts, sports apparel, tank tops, sneakers and athletic shoes.

How do you get to the Foundation Room at Mandalay Bay?

Take left onto casino floor and follow pathway toward the lobby. The entrance to the Foundation room can be found on the backside of the guest elevators facing the escalators to the beach level.

Does Foundation Room have a dress code?

There is a dress code to attend Foundation Room. To avoid any problems at the entrance, men should avoid athletic wear, sandals, and shorts. A collared shirt, nice jeans, and dress shoes will always be accepted. Women have more flexibility in what they can wear.

Can anyone go to the Foundation Room Las Vegas?

Yes! After signing up, arrive at Foundation Room by 10:30pm, in dress code and be at least 21 years old. Both men and women get to avoid that pesky general admission line. Instead you will be flying through the dedicated guest list line.

How should I dress for House of Blues?

On any given day, guest attire ranges from business suits and dresses to fashionable jeans and t-shirts. House of Blues would like to thank you for not wearing tank tops, sleeveless shirts (men only), gym wear or casual shorts, which are not permitted in the Foundation Room. Dress shorts are acceptable.

How many people does the House of Blues Chicago seat?

venue capacities

location reception banquet
Chicago Room & Bourbon Street 130 120
Delta Room 50 64
Foundation Room Dining 75-100 55
Entire Venue 1800 N/A

Is there a dress code House of Blues Houston?

Dress Code Policy – Business Casual To achieve that, all attire is welcome with the exception of sandals/flip-flops, hats, sweatshirts, sports apparel, tank tops and running shoes.

What is the capacity of Thalia Hall?

Venue Capacity

Space Max. Reception Capacity Max. Seated Capacity
New Space 800 240

What is the capacity of the Aragon Ballroom?

5,000Byline Bank Aragon Ballroom / Capacity

Does House of Blues Boston have seats?

The House of Blues Boston has several levels. The ground level is basically a big dance floor, with a raised bar/merchandise area around the perimeter. The second level has a few assigned seats on the sides, with standing room towards the back.

How did you hear about the foundation room at Mandalay Bay?

We heard about the foundation room by friends. We were able to make reservations and try their food and see their views to LV strip. Everything was perfect. Definitely the best views we have seen. Dress code is strictly enforced. My wife and I celebrated our 33rd Anniversary last night at The Foundation Room at Mandalay Bay.

What is a private dining room at Mandalay Bay?

Private Dining. At the top of the Mandalay Bay Resort, our Foundation Room offers an eclectic, posh setting that continues to be a favorite of Las Vegas elite crowd. This cozy haven consists of a main dining room, two outdoor patios, a lounge and a banquet room designed for intimate, private events.

What to eat at the foundation room @ Mandalay Bay?

We thoroughly enjoyed dinner at the Foundation Room @ Mandalay Bay! The salad was delicious with the perfect blend of greens and fresh vegetables. The filet mignon was the right choice with the loaded baked potato! The chicken with wine au jus was exceptional. Our view of the Las Vegas lights made the evening complete! + Read more Report S Shep

Where is Foundation Room Las Vegas located?

Foundation Room Las Vegas is located 5.8 miles from the Las Vegas Convention Center and .7 miles from the new Raiders stadium. Guests can find the entrance on the main floor of the Mandalay Bay lobby to the right of the check in area once you walk in. To park nearest our entrance, park on Level 4 of the parking structure.