What fish are in Wollaston Lake?

What fish are in Wollaston Lake?

Lake troutWollaston Lake / Fish
Wollaston Lake hosts Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Walleye, and Arctic Grayling, the four species required to land the title of Canadian Grand Slam–earned by landing one of each during a single fishing trip.

Who owns Wollaston Lake Lodge?

Mike Lembke –
Mike Lembke – Owner – Wollaston Lake Lodge | LinkedIn.

How do you get to Wollaston Lake?

On Wollaston Lake by Umperville River in Hidden Bay. Air access is at Points North Landing airstrip 30 km from the lodge. Fly via lodge charter or private aircraft. Lodge transportation available.

Can you drive to Wollaston Lake?

Access. Access to the lake is provided by the community airstrip (Wollaston Lake Airport) and an all-weather road (Highway 905) to La Ronge.

Where is Wollaston Lake Ontario?

Wollaston Lake is located in Zone 15 (Muskoka) Region, Ontario, Canada. The size of Wollaston Lake is 388.2ha (which is equivalent to 959ac or 3.9sqkm) and the coordinates are 44.8393, -77.8368.

Where is Wollaston Lake located?

Lake Wollaston, lake, northeastern Saskatchewan. It lies in the southern part of the Barren Grounds (a subarctic prairie region of northern Canada), 30 miles (50 km) northwest of Reindeer Lake.

Where is Wollaston Lake Canada?

What county is Coe Hill in?

Hastings County
Wollaston is an incorporated township in Hastings County, Ontario, Canada. The township had a population of 670 in the Canada 2016 Census….Wollaston, Ontario.

Municipal office in Coe Hill
Coordinates: 44°57′22″N 77°50′01″WCoordinates: 44°57′22″N 77°50′01″W
Country Canada

How big is Bancroft Ontario?

88.63 sq mi
Bancroft, Ontario

• Land 229.56 km2 (88.63 sq mi)
Population (2016)
• Total 3,881
• Density 16.9/km2 (44/sq mi)

Where is Coal Hill Ontario?

Wollaston is an incorporated township in Hastings County, Ontario, Canada….Wollaston, Ontario.

Coordinates: 44°57′22″N 77°50′01″WCoordinates: 44°57′22″N 77°50′01″W
Country Canada
Province Ontario
County Hastings

What is the population of Wollaston Lake Saskatchewan?

Population. Combined, Wollaston and HLFN share a population of about 1,750.

What county is Hastings Ontario?

Northumberland County
Hastings is a community within the municipality of Trent Hills, Northumberland County, in the province of Ontario, Canada. It is situated on the Trent-Severn Waterway and the Trans Canada Trail in what is considered to be Ontario’s “cottage country”.

Where is Wollaston Lake?

Journey into the remote wilderness of Northern Saskatchewan to our fishing lodge, perched on the edge of world-class freshwater fishery Wollaston Lake. Located just south of the tundra, this 800-square mile body of water is home to some of the largest Northern Pike and Lake Trout in the world.

How many days do you need to fish Wollaston Lake?

You can enjoy 3 days of Saskatchewan’s finest fishing on Wollaston Lake. For example, you will arrive on Monday afternoon, fish until Thursday and leave Friday morning. This is “ The Ultimate” Northern Saskatchewan fishing package on Wollaston Lake.

What is there to do in Wollaston?

A hearty breakfast, shore lunch with beverages, hors d’oeuvres and dinner with house wine are provided. Take on the challenge of the Wollaston Lake Lodge Grand Slam, featuring northern pike, lake trout, walleye and Arctic grayling. Its catch-and-release tradition helps assure great fishing every year.

Are there Black Bears in Wollaston Lake?

With a high number of black bears in the Wollaston Lake area, and an amazing success rate, you can rest assured that our knowledge and skills will help you take home a black bear of a lifetime. Join us on an incredible trophy black bear hunt that will leave you wanting more.