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What episode is the American Dad and Family Guy crossover?

What episode is the American Dad and Family Guy crossover?


Family Guy episode
Episode no. Season 11 Episode 18
Directed by Julius Wu
Written by Brian Scully

Is The Cleveland Show Connected to Family Guy?

It is a spin-off of Family Guy, the series centered on the Browns and Tubbs, two dysfunctional families consisting of parents Cleveland Brown and Donna Tubbs and their children Cleveland Brown Jr., Roberta Tubbs, and Rallo Tubbs.

Are American Dad and Family Guy connected?

American Dad is a TV show within the Family Guy Universe.

Does American Dad have any crossover episodes?

A three-plot crossover occurs with all three Seth MacFarlane shows, in which a storm hits the towns Stoolbend, Quahog and Langley Falls. After the storm passes, Cleveland, Stan and Peter meet in a stand-off at the end of the American Dad! episode “Hurricane!”

Which episode is The Simpsons Family Guy crossover?

The Simpsons Guy
Episode no. “The Simpsons Guy” is the first episode of the thirteenth season of the American animated television series Family Guy, and the 232nd overall episode. It is a 44-minute-long crossover with The Simpsons, and was written by Patrick Meighan and directed by Peter Shin.

Why did Family Guy get canceled?

Family Guy first premiered on Fox in 1999 and has had a unique history on the network in the years since, having been cancelled twice early in its run due to struggling in the ratings against its time slot competitions.

Why is Cleveland not in Family Guy anymore?

Daniel Kreps’s Most Recent Stories. Voice actor Mike Henry announced he would leave the role of Cleveland Brown on ‘Family Guy’ to allow a black actor to play the character.

Is American Dad a spinoff?

The show is a spinoff of Family Guy and was originally supposed to replace it before Fox revived Family Guy a few months later. Unlike its sister shows, Family Guy and The Cleveland Show, American Dad!

Does American Dad have cutaways?

Unlike Family Guy, American Dad! doesn’t rely on cutaways. Instead, the jokes come from the characters and the absurd situations they find themselves in.

Is American Dad still being made?

On January 15, 2020, TBS renewed the series for both 18th and 19th seasons. The 19th season premiered on January 24, 2022. On December 16, 2021, the series was renewed for seasons 20 and 21.