What does upkeep mean?

What does upkeep mean?

the act of maintaining in good condition
1 : the act of maintaining in good condition : the state of being maintained in good condition. 2 : the cost of maintaining in good condition. Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More About upkeep.

Is upkeep same as maintenance?

As nouns the difference between maintenance and upkeep is that maintenance is actions performed to keep some machine or system functioning or in service while upkeep is maintenance; the act or effort of keeping something in good repair.

What is upkeep service?

uncountable noun [usually with poss] The upkeep of a group of people or services is the process of providing them with the things that they need.

What is the verb of upkeep?

(transitive, Britain) To maintain (something) or keep it in good repair. quotations ▼

What is upkeep in accounting?

1. The activities one must conduct in order to maintain a good or property.

Is upkeep before or after draw?

Untap, upkeep, then draw is indeed the order. Note that players do not receive priority to cast spells or activate abilities during the untap step.

What does upkeep mean in Magic The Gathering?

The upkeep step is the second step of the beginning phase. At the beginning of the upkeep step, any abilities that trigger either during the untap step or at the beginning of upkeep go on the stack. Then the active player gains priority the first time during their turn.

Is up keeping a word?

Present participle of upkeep.

What does property upkeep mean?

Property maintenance is best defined as any preventive or reactive maintenance action taken to keep a property fully functional, and operating in its best condition. Property maintenance includes a wide range of responsibilities and requests.

What is UpKeep program?

UpKeep is a mobile-based computerized maintenance management (CMMS) and enterprise asset management (EAM) software. This integrated software is suitable for companies of all sizes and types. Maintenance and facility managers can use it to manage work orders, schedule preventive maintenance and monitor their assets.

Is upkeeping a word?