What does the LFC Foundation do?

What does the LFC Foundation do?

The LFC Foundation is the official charity of Liverpool Football Club. Our mission is to bring together the LFC family to create life changing opportunities for children and young people.

What is Liverpool’s quote?

“Liverpool is the pool of life. It makes to live.”

What is Liverpool’s famous motto?

Liverpool Legends “When I die, don’t bring me to the hospital. Bring me to Anfield. I was born there and will die there.”

What is special about Liverpool FC?

Liverpool Football Club is the most successful top-flight club in English Football. The club has won 18 League titles, more than any other club besides Manchester United, who eclipsed the record just this past season. Liverpool has also won seven FA Cups and seven League Cups, most of any other club.

Who is the commentator for LFC TV?

Steve Hunter (@Shunter77) / Twitter. Commentator for Liverpool Football Club’s official website.

What is the LFC font?

Liverpool FC Font is → Albertus.

When was Liverpool founded?

June 3, 1892Liverpool F.C. / Year founded

What to say to Liverpool fans?

OOOH I am a Liverpudlian And I come from the Spion Kop I love to sing, I love to shout I get kicked out quite a lot! We support a team that’s dressed in red It’s a team that you all know It’s a team that we call Liverpool, and to glory we will go! We won the league, we won the Cup, we’ve been to Europe, too.

What is the nickname for Liverpool FC?

The RedsLiverpool F.C. / Nickname

Are LFC the best team in the world?

Liverpool, nicknamed as the ‘Reds’ is one of the most successful football clubs in the world. It has more than 200 supporter clubs in around 50 different countries. LFC has won nineteen league titles, six European Cups, eight League Cups, seven FA Cups, and several other trophies.

What do we say on our foundation day?

On our Foundation Day we take a pledge to work earnestly for the growth and development of the institute from all aspects. We seek sincerest blessings and wishes from all our teachers, seniors and well-wishers so that we succeed in our mission. Thanking all of you again on our Foundation Day for making this journey successful.

What is Jetawat’s speech on the foundation day?

It was held on 13th September on the foundation day of the company. Dr. Jetawat began the speech by talking about self discipline, leadership, success, attitude. He emphasized on the Productivity & work commitment. He also mentioned that it is necessary to have a right attitude towards the work.

Why is Foundation Day celebrated in schools?

Every year when Foundation Day is celebrated in school, college or any institution for that matter, it is time to reflect on the beginnings that took place and how since the inception changes have come paving the way for success over the years.