What does Redux mean in Apocalypse Now?

What does Redux mean in Apocalypse Now?

In a note released with the film, Coppola emphasizes that this new material was not simply shoehorned into the original version of the film, but that “Redux” is “a new rendition of the movie from scratch.” He and his longtime editor Walter Murch “re-edited the film from the original unedited raw footage — the dailies.

What was added to Apocalypse Now Redux?

In 2001, Coppola released “Apocalypse Now Redux” with 49 minutes of additional footage, including extended scenes of the river, French plantation and Playboy Playmates entertaining the troops (along with more Marlon Brando dialogue).

What does Apocalypse Now say about Vietnam War?

Coppola made every effort to re-create accurately the atmosphere, character, and action of the Vietnam War. As he said famously in a news conference at the Cannes Film Festival: “My film is not a movie. It is not about Vietnam. It is Vietnam.”

Was Apocalypse Now shot in Vietnam?

Apocalypse Now was not actually filmed in Vietnam, but in the little fishing town of Baler in the northern Philippines.

What’s better Apocalypse Now or Redux?

Both are often considered masterpieces, even though many critics seem to think that the scenes included in the Redux ruin the pacing of the film. Plenty of films have benefited from extended cuts, such as Blade Runner, but the Redux adds a whopping 49 minutes to the runtime.

Is Apocalypse Now Redux different?

The film contains several alterations, and two entirely new scenes. One of the new scenes has the boat meeting the Playmates once again, farther up the river; the other has them meet a family of holdout French colonists on their remote rubber plantation. There are also a few additional scenes with Colonel Kurtz.

Did Captain Willard sleep with the French woman?

After the French woman strips she crawls into the bed with Willard and they begin kissing. The sequence where the Chief is killed is omitted. More dialogue between Willard and the photojournalist when they first reach the Kurtz compound.

Were real dead bodies used in Apocalypse Now?

2. Props got a little too real on set. One props manager attempted to take the film’s sense of authenticity to the extreme, going so far as to source actual human cadavers for scenes requiring dead bodies. A production manager put the kibosh on the cadavers after local police began investigating.

Was Vietnam like Apocalypse Now?

Apocalypse now is not necessarily a war movie, it is a re telling of Conrad’s “Hearts of Darkness” set in Vietnam. It bears no resemblance to the Vietnam war. Probably Oliver Stone’s platoon would work, Stone served in Vietnam. Although some parts were realistic, I found most to be satirical or exaggerated.

Is Apocalypse Now an accurate portrayal of Vietnam?

Although Apocalypse Now is not a historically accurate depiction of the Vietnam War, those who think this film is supposed to be miss Coppola’s point. Apocalypse Now is a true war story. O’Brien offers, “In any war story, but especially a true one, it’s difficult to separate what happened from what seemed to happen.

Are the French ghosts in Apocalypse Now?

The French plantation scene of Apocalypse Now Redux is not just significant for its exposure of American lies about Vietnam, but for its “family of ghosts” which dwells on the French plantation “hanging on by fingernails but so were we.” This controversial scene shows the colonists (like those of Heart of Darkness) who …

Are there two endings to Apocalypse Now?

Two endings were eventually shown on screen, both with distinct and explicit meanings and executions. The first saw Willard leave the compound in silence with Lance on their boat, as Kurtz’s followers calmly throw down their weapons.