What does Kovan mean?

What does Kovan mean?

Kovan is a suburb and part of Hougang, in the North-East Region of Singapore. It is part of Aljunied GRC. A relatively small and almost-unknown suburb, it houses many bungalows and condominiums.

What is the Tamil Meaning you?

English to Tamil Meaning :: you. You : நீங்கள்

Who meaning meaning in Tamil?

Definition in Tamil: என்ன அல்லது எந்த நபர் அல்லது மக்கள்

What does Kovan mean in Kurdish?

User Submitted Meanings A user from Iraq says the name Kovan means “men deer”.

Which part of Singapore is Kovan?

North-East Region
Geography. As part of Hougang, Kovan is situated east of Serangoon, in the North-East Region of Singapore. As a relatively small suburb, Kovan’s boundaries are relatively unclear.

What does Tamil mean in India?

noun, plural Tam·ils, (especially collectively) Tam·il. a member of a Dravidian people of southern India and Sri Lanka. the Dravidian language of the Tamils, spoken in India principally in Tamil Nadu state and in Sri Lanka on the northern and eastern coasts. adjective. of or relating to the Tamils or their language.

How often means in Tamil?

English to Tamil Meaning :: how often How often : எப்படி அடிக்கடி Pronunciation: Add to Favorite: How – எப்படி Often – அடிக்கடி

What is Kovan known for?

Kovan Market and Food Centre (behind Heartland Mall) is known for serving affordable, far-above-average local food. Expect long queue at food stalls Yam Mee Teochew Fishball Mee, Fa Ji Minced Meat Fishball Noodles and 51 Mingfa Wanton Egg Noodle.

How did Kovan get its name?

Etymology. Kovan was traditionally an area associated with the Teochew community. Kovan’s Teochew name is “La gou jio”, which means six miles from the old General Post Office at Fullerton Building. A number of road names at Kovan commemorate the more prominent members of this community.