What does JCT mean on signs?

What does JCT mean on signs?

When you see JCT on a freeway sign, it stands for junction. A junction is a place where two or more roads meet. The roads could be above or below each other (which is called an interchange), or they could intersect (which is called an intersection).

What are those signs on the freeway called?

Interstate signs are posted along highways that go through two or more states. They are typically found at major intersections so travelers can reference them for directions.

What is a route marker sign?

A highway shield or route marker is a sign denoting the route number of a highway, usually in the form of a symbolic shape with the route number enclosed.

What does junction mean in driving?

A junction is where two or more roads meet.

What do broken white lines tell you?

White lane markings are the most common. Solid white lines define lanes of traffic going in the same direction, or they show you the location of the shoulder of the road. Broken or “dotted” white lines are used to show the center line between lanes. Yellow lines show you where traffic is going in different directions.

What does a white highway sign mean?

A white rectangular sign indicates that you must obey important rules. Some warning signs have a fluorescent yellow-green background.

What does SR stand for road sign?

Each highway is assigned a Route (officially State Highway Route) number in the Streets and Highways Code (Sections 300-635). Most of these are numbered in a statewide system, and are known as State Route X (abbreviated SR X). United States Numbered Highways are labeled US X, and Interstate Highways are Interstate X.

What is highway junction?

Road Junctions are designed at places where vehicular traffic can move in different directions in a systematic way. Road Junctions decrease the probability of accidents.

How do you identify a junction?

Signs you might see at junctions Give way – Again, quite a clear one. If you spot a give way sign it’s usually a good warning that a junction is ahead. Junction on bend – Junctions on bends often have poor visibility. Take extra care.