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What does es bueno que mean?

What does es bueno que mean?

English. Es bueno/malo que. It is good/bad that.

What language says e muito bem Vindo?

English Translation of “bem-vindo” | Collins Portuguese-English Dictionary.

What does no mas que mean?

The expression no más in Spanish means “no more.” Its specific sense can vary depending on context, however, which means it can also translate to “enough,” “no longer,” or “just.”

Does es esencial que trigger the subjunctive?

Does es importante require the subjunctive? Yes, es importante requires the subjunctive: Por ejemplo … Es importante que recordemos esta fecha.

Does Que Bueno have an accent?

¡Que bueno! Rule #5: Spelling differentiation. There are a number of little one syllable words in Spanish that have an accent mark to differentiate them from the same little word that does not have the accent mark.

What is the meaning of Vindo?

“vindo” in English vindo {noun} volume_up. diaper.

What does Bem Vindo mean in Spanish?

adjective. welcome [adjective] received with gladness and happiness.

What is no bueno?

no bueno (not comparable) (US, informal, mildly humorous) not good; no good; bad.