What does E04 4 mean on DStv?

What does E04 4 mean on DStv?

E04-4:- Please insert the Smartcard; This occurs when the decoder can not read the card. E06-4:- The Smartcard is either faulty or has been inserted upside down. If it is faulty, please take it to the nearest agent; When this pop up, the decoder can detect the card but does not know what’s up.

How do you clear E18 4 service is currently scrambled?

How do I clear e18 error on DStv? Just connect whatever has been disconnected, wait for fifteen minutes, and enjoy the services. Re-insert the correct card, arrow facing the decoder and the chip facing downwards and then reboot the decoder.

How do I fix error E30 4?

This may take a few minutes. Dail *120*68584# or visit selfservice.dstv.com to clear this error. The DStv SMS reset is quite easy and painless.

How do I fix E143 4 on DStv?


  1. Re check cable from the primary decoder – Check / try restarting your decoder.
  2. Check extra view port settings in the decoder settings.
  3. Check if heart beat is being received in the primary decoder settings.
  4. check and see if the pairing of the decoders is the same, to work on triple and extra view.

How do I fix my DStv signal strength?

How To Fix Signal Strength On DStv?

  1. Check F-type connectors. Check for incorrectly connected F-type connectors on the LNB and at the back of the decoder.
  2. Correct the LNB alignment.
  3. Adjust satellite dish alignment.
  4. Replace a faulty LNB.
  5. Move your satellite dish.
  6. Cut down or prune trees that may obstruct the signal.

What is the meaning of E18 4 service is currently scrambled?

E18-4 (This channel is not available for this location.) If viewing doesn’t resume within half an hour please contact one of our service centres. E19-4 (Channel Currently Scrambled) This channel is blocked because your decoder has been inactive or your services may have been suspended.

What is the meaning of service is currently scrambled?

This message will appear if you have installed a new box or your existing box has been switched off at the power for a period of time.

How do I clear E30 error on DStv?

Is your service interrupted by Error e30-4? This should clear when you reset your decoder but if it doesn’t, DStv Self Service has you covered. Simply dial 120*68584# from your mobile to clear.

How do I fix E30 error on DStv?

Please switch off decoder. Then check that the cables coming from the satellite dish are tightly connected to the correct inputs on the back of the decoder and switch it back on again. If that error message continues, please take the decoder to be tested.

How do I fix E143 0 on DStv?

Fix “No communication from Primary Decoder E143-0” During Xtraview Installation

  1. Check your Signal Quality.
  2. Set your Diplexer Correctly if using One.
  3. Make sure you get the Heartbeat Cables right if Connected directly.
  4. Check the distance between the two Decoders.
  5. Check your heartbeat cable for faults.