What does cruciform mean?

What does cruciform mean?

: forming or arranged in a cross.

What is a cruciform shape?

Cruciform is a term for physical manifestations resembling a common cross or Christian cross. The label can be extended to architectural shapes, biology, art, and design.

What is the mean of formed?

1 : an act of giving form or shape to something or of taking form : development. 2 : something that is formed new word formations. 3 : the manner in which a thing is formed : structure the peculiar formation of the heart.

What is cruciform theology?

Cruciformity is the spiritual-moral dimension of the. theology of the death of Jesus by crucifixion found in Paul, in the rest. of the New Testament, and throughout much of the Christian tradi-

What is a cruciform in construction?

A cruciform building or object is shaped like a cross. [formal]

What does form mean in Hebrew?

listen. Translation 2. While טופס is a form when talking about paperwork, there’s the other meaning of form, the more abstract one that refers to the shape or the appearance of something. That word is צוּרָה listen and repeat.

What is the meaning of undemarcated?

1. to determine or mark off the boundaries or limits of. to demarcate a piece of property. 2. to separate distinctly.

What does a cruciform way of life look like?

What is the Cross-Shaped Life? It is the vertical life of loving God with all your head, heart, and hands; and the horizontal life of loving others as Christ has loved you.

What is a cruciform position?

The cruciform position allows simultaneous resuscitative procedures in a single sterile field. Education of the trauma team is essential prior to instituting such change during resuscitation.

What does form mean in Christianity?

Christian forms Forms in Christianity are mostly familiarly dictates of church authority or tradition (e.g. church government, liturgy, doctrine). However, the term is used by some authors to refer to a broader category that includes other patterns of religious practice.

What is Genesis called in Hebrew?

Genesis, Hebrew Bereshit (“In the Beginning”), the first book of the Bible.

What is the meaning of cruciform?

cru′ci·form′ly adv. cruciform. (Mathematics) a geometric curve, shaped like a cross, that has four similar branches asymptotic to two mutually perpendicular pairs of lines.

What are some examples of cruciform structures?

There is the cruciform foundation; there is the structure of its walls. The back is overlaid with a plate of silver cut in cruciform pattern. It was originally intended to be a cruciform structure with a high central tower. These examples are from corpora and from sources on the web.

What is the size of a cruciform church?

The church will take the shape of a cruciform and measure nearly 12,000 square feet, with fiber cement siding and a metal roof. Was it too many corporate executives to fill the offices in the cruciform tower specially-designed to add extra corners for offices?

What is a cross shaped curve in math?

(Mathematics) a geometric curve, shaped like a cross, that has four similar branches asymptotic to two mutually perpendicular pairs of lines. Equation: x2y2 – a2x2 – a2y2 = 0, where x = y = ± a are the four lines 1. cross-shaped. n.